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WATCH: Texas National Guard Defies Supreme Court and Puts Up More Razor Wire Fence: ‘Texas Will Not Back Down’ 

Texas Leadership Continues Stand Against Illegal Border Crossings


This week saw the Texas National Guard persist in efforts to enhance border security in Eagle Pass, Texas. Their intent? To curb the avalanche of migrants who daily seek to traverse the Rio Grande illicitly. These developments come in the wake of a recent 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that permits the federal government to dismantle any barriers established along the border by the state of Texas.

This high court’s determination enables Border Patrol units to dismantle the concertina wire deployed under Operation Lone Star, Governor Greg Abbott’s strategy for tackling migration issues. Added to this unfolding narrative is the Supreme Court’s sway, which doesn’t seem to diminish the resolve of the Texas forces.

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Governor Abbott, in response to the verdict, insisted the struggle was far from over. Vowing to ‘hold the line’ for his constituents, he emphatically declared that defending Texans was a priority. His commitment was shared through vivid snapshots of the Texas National Guard undertaking patrols along the contentious borderline.

“The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line in Eagle Pass. Texas will not back down..’ This quote from the governor encapsulates the firm and unwavering stance of Texas authorities. Governor Abbott’s words hint at a state committed to remedying the absence of federal action on border security under the Biden administration.

Texas Department of Public Safety Spokesman Chris Olivarez echoed a similar sentiment. Expressing his views via a re-shared message from Governor Abbott, he questioned why the Federal Government continues to limit Texas’ efforts to safeguard its borders. He further highlighted the perilous journeys and deplorable conditions endured by illegal immigrants, including children, as they cross the hazardous river.

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Olivarez’s statement initiated a discourse on the perceived inadequacy of the federal government’s approach to border control. ‘The State of Texas, under Gov. [Greg Abbott]’s Operation Lone Star, will maintain its current posture in deterring illegal border crossings..’ His words reinforced the state’s commitment to enhanced border security measures, including reinforced concertina wire and anti-climb barriers.

The Spokesman’s point goes a step further, arguing for a reality where exploitation and inhumane treatment of unauthorized immigrants is a logical concern. He then takes a stand on the so-called hindrance by the Federal Government of Texas’ endeavors to guard its borders, that too amid the rising toll of lives lost during perilous river crossings.

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Moreover, he articulates that Texas is currently the sole state engaging every tool at its disposal to protect its sovereignty, curb criminal activity, and curb unauthorized immigration. Furthermore, Olivarez pledges that Texas will stand firm, reinforcing the sentiment of ‘holding the line’ echoing from Governor Abbott’s stance.

Adding his voice to the conversation, Attorney General Ken Paxton has reassured Texans that he will continue to support the state’s sovereignty through legal avenues. His comments directly challenge the Supreme Court’s temporary order by describing it as an illegitimate effort to enable a foreign invasion of America. Paxton underscores the argument concerning the potential danger of dismantling border barriers.

The Attorney General’s declaration raises alarm on the impact of the border barriers’ destruction and the subsequent effects on law enforcement and citizens’ safety. He predicts potentially negative implications while reiterating that the fight is not over. Paxton also hints at an enduring commitment to the protection of Texan sovereignty.

However, despite the Supreme Court decision’s potential to hamper Texas’ strides concerning the southern border’s security, the Lone Star State might still emerge successful. The ruling primarily permits Border Patrol agents to temporally remove the razor-wire while the case’s merits undergo examination in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the case on February 7, as per reports from The Daily Wire. The hearing centers around the continued removal of razor-wire, a matter directly affecting the effectiveness of Texas’ border control measures. Accordingly, the court’s decision could prove instrumental for the state’s future security plans.

As the influx of unauthorized migrants continues unabated under the current federal administration’s ‘open border’ policies, Texas leadership remains resilient. They remain committed to protecting American sovereignty at a time when the number of migrants crossing the border every year routinely exceeds millions.

Governor Abbott’s efforts to ‘hold the line’ encapsulate a relentless determination to ensure that Texan authority prevails. Despite the federal government’s perceived inaction, Texas continues striving to enforce the law and secure its borders. Their actions reaffirm their commitment to shield Texan sovereignty and their constituents’ safety.

The extent to which Texas can push to uphold law enforcement while the federal government allegedly stands by might hold significant implications. Not just for the sovereignty of the state, but for the overall discourse surrounding border security in America. The situation is dynamic and poses critical questions about the balance of power, responsibility, and the role of federal and state entities in border management.

In the face of ongoing challenges and potential setbacks, the steadfastness of the Texas leadership serves to underline a core belief. They believe that the protection of the state and its citizens shouldn’t be compromised, regardless of the prevailing policies and decisions at the federal level. This belief offers a glimmer of hope even as the battle over border security rages on.

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