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WATCH: Security Guard Tackles Climate Protestor at DeSantis Event

DeSantis Delivers Stance on Chinese Land Ownership Restrictions


In a recent incident, event security was compelled to take action when a dissenter made an unanticipated appearance on stage at a function intended for Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Captured on camera, the event took place in Ames, Iowa, where Governor DeSantis had been scheduled to address the attendees on behalf of the Never Back Down PAC.

Diving into the details of the occurrence, it was during Governor DeSantis’s discourse around the proposed restrictions on Chinese ownership of Florida real estate that the disruptive person made their entrance. Accompanied by a banner stating ‘DeSantis: Climate Criminal’, the individual successfully managed to grab the focus of the assembly.

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The individual’s interruption was not devoid of a verbal component, accompanied by the distinct accusation of ‘Ron DeSantis is a climate criminal’. However, their moment in the spotlight was short-lived, as an alert security officer promptly halted their agitation, which was documented in the video evidence.

Not deterred by the initial tackle, the protestor continued to vocally question DeSantis’s affiliations. ‘How much money do you take from oil companies,’ the protestor inquired repeatedly as they were escorted off the premises by the diligent event security team, all recorded on video.

Unperturbed by the interruption, DeSantis attributed this behavior to contemporary concerns within the college system. The outspoken Governor remonstrated that this episode was a prime example of the current issues plaguing educational institutions. His comments, met with applause by those in attendance, were also caught on film.

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This incident, however, did not mark the first instance of disruption during the event. According to a report by The Hill, DeSantis’s address had earlier been interrupted by another group of protesters, who were swiftly dealt with by security personnel on duty.

Bringing the focus back to his speech post disruption, DeSantis addressed the assembly with a composed demeanour, requesting a cessation in the interruptions. ‘Allow me to speak,’ urged DeSantis. ‘I perceive your disruption as impolite and intrusive while others are trying to listen to the discussion.’

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Governor DeSantis further iterated his point by reminding the interlopers of the purpose of the event. He respectfully pointed out to the interrupting individuals that not only were they disregarding the etiquette of the assembly, they were also imposing their personal agenda on the collective experience.

The Florida Governor’s composure and steadfastness in handling the situation were appreciated by his audience. Remaining undeterred by the interruptions, he veered the situation back to its intended course without allowing the protest to highjack the agenda.

Despite the interruptions, DeSantis continued his discourse, emphasizing the significance of respectful dialogue. He underscored that everyone present was invested in the discussion, reinforcing the importance of maintaining decorum during such events.

Details regarding the Florida Governor’s stance on the situation were sought by the Daily Caller News Foundation. As of the time of the report, no formal response or comment has been received from the DeSantis campaign about the incident.

The event served as a symbolic reminder of the landscape of public discourse, wherein dissenting voices seek platforms for expression. The fluency with which Governor DeSantis managed the situation underscores his resolve as a leader in confronting the challenges of public speaking scenarios.


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