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WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Highlight How Trump Delivered for New York After 9/11

Giuliani Says Trump Helped NYC in So Many Different Ways

On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on ‘The Benny Johnson Show’ to reflect on the tragic day.

During the conversation, Giuliani highlighted the contributions of Donald Trump, then a prominent New York City real estate developer, in the aftermath of the attacks.

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“Donald Trump was among a select group of civic leaders who went above and beyond to assist us,” Giuliani said. “From day one, he was deeply involved.

His background in construction was invaluable, helping us source materials that were difficult to come by. He also facilitated fundraising efforts, enabling us to connect with other donors.”

Giuliani also touched on the success of his own charity initiative, the Twin Towers Fund, which aimed to support the families of firefighters and police officers affected by the tragedy. “We successfully raised $240 million, all of which went directly to the families, as we covered administrative expenses separately. Donald Trump played a crucial role in that effort.”

The former mayor further discussed how Trump was an active volunteer among a small group of businessmen who provided substantial help to the city in the wake of 9/11.

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“Before his political career, Donald was recognized as a generous New Yorker who would go the extra mile to assist people, even in unconventional ways—like spotting someone in need and spontaneously donating $5,000,” Giuliani added.

Addressing some of the controversies surrounding Trump, Giuliani said, “I find the allegations of racism or anti-Semitism against him baffling.

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In my experience, he has friends from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. It’s either about merit or friendship with him.”

Giuliani concluded by asserting that the political scrutiny aimed at Trump was due to his effectiveness and the threat he poses to established interests.

“What’s happening to him now is unprecedented, and it speaks to his potential impact. They fear he’ll disrupt the way they’ve been capitalizing on the system for years.”

Before entering politics, Donald Trump was known across the country as a compassionate businessman who made significant sacrifices, including giving up his business ventures and luxurious lifestyle, to serve the nation.


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