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WATCH: ‘Reclaim Our Border’ Trucker Convoy Heads to Support Border 

United Citizens Converge for ‘Reclaim Our Border’ Movement


A growing sea of enthusiastic American citizens, united by a cause, is journeying across our nation to voice their concerns about the current administration’s permissive border policies. These policies have seen an influx of millions of undocumented immigrants infiltrating American soil over the preceding three years. Their mission, known as the ‘Reclaim Our Border’ convoy, set its wheels into motion on a Monday from Virginia, journeying throughout the night to make it to Florida, where their ranks swelled significantly.

Emerging from Jacksonville, Florida, the movement gained significant momentum and is now preparing to traverse across the southern territories of our country. The ultimate destination lies in Quemado, a town quietly nestled on the southwestern Texan border. ‘Our critics should know – we are plain everyday Americans, from agriculturalists and cattlemen to former law enforcement officers. Far from being radical conspiracy theorists,’ articulated convoy facilitator, Kim Yeater.

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Yeater emphasized their peaceful nature – an assembly of ordinary Americans from diverse political backgrounds and ethnic composition. In her interview with the New York Post, she painted a more detailed picture, ‘From Canadian truckers to mums and dads, everyone is rallying behind us.’

Expressing the diversity of support she added, ‘We have motorcycle enthusiasts joining us. I bet if they could, some would even bring horses. At present, our estimated strength stands near 700,000, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeded that.’

Reiterating the cause of their movement, Yeater underlined that they don’t oppose immigration per se. However, she made a valid point that the current circumstances have spiraled beyond any feasibly manageable limit. ‘We wholly support safe, legal immigration. We believe in thorough vetting of individuals who aspire to establish their life in our land.’, she said.

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‘Tales of children succumbing to illicit substances like fentanyl can be heard from grieving mothers, forming a tragic backdrop to our rally.’ She then recounted the heartbreaking story of Agnes Gibboney, ‘Agnes witnessed the unimaginable, burying her child who fell prey to an unauthorized immigrant who had crossed the border on multiple occasions. She had just visited his grave on what should have been a day of joyful celebration, his birthday.’

After reaching Texas, the convoy plans to disperse into various directions to share their unified message with inhabitants of multiple communities tracing the U.S.-Mexico border. Their journey’s first milestone is set in Eagle Pass, Texas, where a public gathering is in the books for February 2 at 5 pm and February 3 around midday.

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Eagle Pass has been ground-zero for the immigrant situation, bearing witness to hundreds of thousands of migrants filtering through its modest dimensions each year. In the face of this, a subsequent convoy, dubbed as the ‘second wave’, is staged to depart from Dripping Springs, Texas, and rally towards Yuma, Arizona from February 1 onwards.

The culmination of this rally in Yuma is planned for February 3. However, the specifics of the location and exact timing are still under wraps. It’s worth noting that Yuma has faced the brunt of the migration crisis just as Eagle Pass, with an overwhelming number of unauthorized entrants striving to gain a foothold in the U.S.

A third division of this vehicular procession is slated to embark on its journey from San Ysidro, California, driving all the way to Yuma, Arizona on February 3. Prior to their departure, the participants of this last wave of the convoy will stage a public gathering in San Ysidro between 9 and 11 am on February 3, then setting course for Yuma where they intend to reach later that same day.

In a united front, these citizens strive to bring attention to a crisis they perceive threatens the stability of the nation. Their peaceful demonstration is an embodiment of the American spirit of voicing dissent and striving for change.

The ‘Reclaim Our Border’ convoy, with its variety of participants from different walks of life, challenges the current state of affairs at the border, advocating for a change toward orderly and secure immigration policies.

Yeater’s recounting of Agnes Gibboney’s story provides a personal face to the impact of the immigration crisis, amplifying the necessity for change. It reflects an undeniable truth of the problem, that it reaches beyond mere numbers or policy, engraving a deeper impact on American lives.

By planning peaceful rallies, the convoy emphasizes the commitment to their cause without advocating for aggression or confrontation. Their message is rooted in unity and solidarity, making it a grassroots movement by the people, for the people.

The three-pronged convoy approach shows an insightful strategy to spread their message across diverse American landscapes, enabling a broader conversation around the issue.

In conclusion, the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants and organizers of the ‘Reclaim Our Border’ convoy is a testament to the power of the collective American will, striving for systemic change in an impactful and peaceful manner.

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