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WATCH: Pelosi and Biden’s Age Under Question After Video Goes Viral

Biden and Pelosi Face Criticism After Release of Troubling Video


A controversial video capturing President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cautious stroll across an airport tarmac in San Francisco sparked a flurry of criticism on social media, with many users poking fun at their advanced ages.
The clip, showing Biden, 81, and Pelosi, 83, gingerly supporting each other during the walk, quickly became the subject of mockery online, with users questioning their physical capabilities. The sight of the two prominent Democrats shuffling along prompted various quips, with some likening it to a scene from the movie “On Golden Pond” and others joking about a “nursing home reunion.”

The video emerged as Biden embarked on a fundraising tour in California, where he was met by Pelosi and Mayor London Breed upon his arrival at SFO.

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Despite attempts to portray the encounter as a display of camaraderie, many seized upon the footage to highlight concerns about the fitness of both Biden and Pelosi for their respective roles. Pelosi’s recent remarks defending Biden’s age and mental acuity, despite widespread public skepticism, only served to intensify scrutiny over their leadership capabilities.

Pelosi’s assertion that Biden remains mentally sharp despite occasional slip-ups did little to assuage doubts among voters, as evidenced by a recent NBC News poll indicating significant apprehension regarding his fitness for a second term.

With nearly 9 in 10 respondents expressing concerns about Biden’s mental status, including a majority citing “major concerns,” the video served as a poignant reminder of the growing unease surrounding the leadership of both Biden and Pelosi.

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As the debate over their physical and mental fitness continues to unfold, it underscores broader anxieties within the electorate regarding the capacity of aging politicians to effectively govern.

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