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WATCH: NYPD Officers Outraged After Migrants Released that Assaulted Officer

Times Square Assault: Illegal Migrants Attack NYPD


On a recent weekend, New York City experienced a horrendous incident that has stirred up significant discontent. Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association in New York, revealed his strong disapproval of the actions of seven illegal migrants. These individuals mercilessly attacked two officers of the New York Police Department. Adding further insult to injury, one of these violent transgressors was later spotted on video, callously taunting the officers he had previously victimized.

This incident has triggered significant demand for decisive action from city authorities. Amongst the discontented is the NYPD’s Chief of Patrol, John Chell. Speaking with local media on Wednesday, Chell expressed his intense anger at the incident, labeling the miscreants as ‘cowards’. He bemoaned the fact that these violent episodes are fuelled by a lack of tangible penalties for such criminal behavior in the city.

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Chell vividly described the disturbing event to the gathered reporters. ‘An NYPD lieutenant and an officer were viciously attacked by eight people. They were cornered and subjected to attempted kicks to their faces. Four of the culprits were caught right there at the scene, and an additional suspect was captured later. Rightfully, these four individuals should presently be behind bars at Rikers, awaiting their court hearings’ said Chell.

In an emphatic statement, he reiterated the glaring problem of a severe lack of consequences. He called on the city to rectify this pressing issue, to halt the rising assaults on law enforcement officers. ‘Why do you think our policemen are under attack? It’s because there are no repercussions for such actions. This has to change without a doubt.’ shared Chell.

Reports first published by the DC Enquirer detailed the violent episode which took place in the vicinity of the iconic Times Square. It was on this Saturday evening that the determined group of illegal migrants ruthlessly attacked two NYPD officers. In a shocking turn of events, following their arrests, they were freed without bail, only to roam Manhattan’s streets once more.

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A recording of this dreadful attack, conducted at about 6:30 PM on West 42nd Street, shows attempts by the officers to calmly request the migrants to relocate. The situation took an unexpected, sinister turn when the pair of officers was abruptly encircled by about six people, leading to an assault leaving one of the officers on the ground and enduring kicks to his chest and head.

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While one officer was taking the brunt of this brutal attack, his partner valiantly tried to defend him. He struggled to subdue one of the assailants, while simultaneously providing aid to his fallen colleague. Although unsuccessful in arresting the attackers during this initial onslaught, the NYPD later seized the suspects.

The attackers, now under arrest, were identified as Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, Kelvin Servat Arocha, Juarez Wilson, and Yorman Reveron, all between the ages of 19 to 24. These men had all entered the United States via the asylum process. One of the detained individuals, Yorman Reveron, even had two pending legal cases, including assault and robbery, yet he was still permitted to wander New York City streets freely.

Unfortunately, Reveron’s criminal history extends beyond this incident. Last November, he was publicly accused of assaulting a Nordstrom Rack employee following an alleged shoplifting event. In a separate incident last month, he reportedly took a swing at a Macy’s security guard after being discovered during an attempted robbery with two accomplices. Despite their arrests and charges for assault, all individuals involved were released without bail.

An additional suspect, 22-year-old Jhoan Boada, was apprehended on a Monday night. He was charged with the attempted assault of a police officer. The embattled officers received on-site medical attention, being fortunate enough to escape the ordeal with minor injuries, like small cuts and bruises.

The city’s police officers were further infuriated when video footage surfaced showing one of the involved migrants, Jhoan Boada, gloating after his release from the Midtown South Precinct. Charged with assaulting a police officer and gang assault, the 22-year-old was seen nonchalantly flashing an insolent gesture at the assembled press as he strolled out of the precinct, sporting a provocative smirk on his face.

To make matters worse, some of these migrants have reportedly fled NYC since their arrests. As reported by Fox News, Darwin Andres Gomez, Kelvin Servita Arocha, Wilson Juarez, and Yorman Reveron have since departed for California.

In another disconcerting episode, a migrant involved in the assault was caught flaunting the recorded footage of the incident to others on Manhattan’s streets. After behaving provocatively by littering and verbally disputing with the police, he found himself in custodial arrears once again.

While the events of that fateful Saturday night sparked an array of shocking developments, the hope remains that they will instigate an urgent review of the city’s law enforcement policies concerning such offenses, ultimately encouraging a more secure environment for its residents and for the brave policemen and women of NYC.

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