WATCH: Mariah Carey’s Kids Fed Up with ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ 

Mariah Carey’s Twins Object to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

The legendary pop diva, known to many as the ‘Christmas Queen,’ recently posted a festive video on Christmas Eve that got social media buzzing. The video stars her 12-year-old twin children, Monroe and Moroccan, who are seen pleading with their mother to refrain from singing her most recognizable Christmas hit, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Monroe and Moroccan, undoubtedly tired of the repetition, plead with their world-renowned mother, seen donning her signature red and white outfit, just before she prepares to sing. ‘Mom, seriously, must we go through this each time?’ Moroccan implores, his sentiments echoed by his sister Monroe as they stand by their mother, anticipating the infamous melody they have undoubtedly heard countless times.

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As the pop queen, who has joint custody of the twins with her former husband Nick Cannon, begins to hit the unmistakable opening notes of her universally beloved yuletide anthem, her children show a classic teenage reaction to parental embarrassment – they make a hasty retreat off the screen to avoid her performance.

This playful exchange set against the backdrop of the classic 1994 festive number was not just a stand-alone video, but belonged to a series of social media updates shared by the star, known for her album ‘Butterfly.’


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The twins’ lighthearted protest against their mother’s globally celebrated song added an element of joyous humor to the holiday season. Additionally, it displayed the shared moments of family interaction between the superstar and her children, something that fans don’t routinely see.

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The behind-the-scenes glimpse into Mariah Carey’s family life provides a charming contrast to her polished on-stage persona. Her children seem to treat her just like any other mom, showing a side of her that the public rarely gets to see – a normal mom who can tease her kids with impromptu performances.

The hilarious video shows the diva maintaining an energetic holiday spirit, even if her children might have heard the song far too many times. It’s a testament to Carey’s unwavering joy for the Christmas season, a trait that earns her the informal title of ‘Queen of Christmas.’

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Furthermore, it demonstrated the Carey family’s Christmas tradition in a light-hearted and relatable way. Even if it’s a repeated anthem, it’s clear that this song has embedded itself in the family’s holiday ritual, much as it has done so globally.

The video, undoubtedly meant to entertain her fans, managed to pull back the curtain on an amusing family dynamic, while putting a fresh spin on a holiday classic. The reaction of her children, unfiltered and natural, became the highlight of this humorous family moment.

Monroe and Moroccan’s impromptu plea to their mom is, paradoxically, a testament to the song’s iconic status. Having been played in their household for countless Christmases, the youngsters are perhaps the world’s most patient audience for their mom’s annually recurring impromptu holiday performances.

This event also served to remind fans of the incredible longevity of the song, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ as it is appreciated, if sometimes begrudgingly, by generations of listeners. Mariah’s playful insistence on performing her classic hit firmly establishes it as a core component of the holiday season, both worldwide and evidently in her own home.

The festive exchange turned viral video works both as a fun reveal of Carey’s family dynamics, as well as a reminder of the enduring appeal of her holiday anthem – even amongst her own kin, who might just be her most committed, albeit reluctant, audience.

The twins’ comedic plea for a break from the holiday anthem and their lighthearted scuttle off-screen adds a humorous and humanizing element into the lives of one of music’s most celebrated families. Despite being born to a world-famous mother, Monroe and Moroccan prove themselves to be quite relatable.

Carey’s spontaneous performance and her children’s collective eyerolls exemplify a family dynamic that’s part of millions of households worldwide: parents delightfully embarrassing their kids. It’s a moment of levity that many families can probably relate to during the joyful chaos of the holiday season.

Despite her extraordinary career, Mariah Carey has proven to be just like any other mom – one that seizes the joyful chaos of the holiday season to lovingly embarrass her children. From preparing for her winter performances to enjoying Christmas traditions at home, she expertly navigates the fine line between being a superstar and just being ‘mom.’


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