WATCH: Kevin Bacon Celebrate End of SAG-AFTRA Strike with Iconic Footloose Dance

‘Strike Over!’ Declares Bacon, Returns to Promote The Toxic Avenger Film

Renowned actor, Kevin Bacon, signaled the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike in an animated fashion, reviving his well-remembered Footloose dance. He communicated his elation through a succinct ‘Strike over!’ declaration.

Though Bacon has occupied his time during the strike period by posting culinary adventures on social media, he can now return his focus to the acting world.

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Among Bacon’s numerous projects is his portrayal of the sinister Bob Garbinger in the soon-to-be-released horror-comedy remake, The Toxic Avenger, which has unexpectedly charmed critics with its traditional special effects and gruesome aesthetics.

In the aftermath of the SAG-AFTRA strike, reactions among the acting community varied. Some responded in a subdued manner, confining their reactions to subtle acknowledgments of the strike’s resolution, while others opted for a more exuberant approach.

Falling into the latter category is Kevin Bacon, who opted to impart his sentiments regarding the strike’s 118-day duration with a spirited rendition of his unforgettable Footloose dance.

In his communication about the conclusion of the strike, Bacon needed only to state the brief exclamation, ‘Strike over!’ His vibrant dance expressed all the necessary emotions that words could not adequately express.

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While on strike, like many of his professional counterparts, Bacon turned to diversions such as home cooking and sharing his culinary pursuits on social media. He also took this time to explain his decision to abstain from consuming bacon.

With the strike concluded, the return to usual working days is imminent. One of Bacon’s primary objectives moving forward is to generate promotional buzz around his role in the upcoming comedic horror film, The Toxic Avenger. This reboot crowns a classic Troma movie from the 1980s with a fresh treatment and starpower.

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Since his maiden horror role as one of Jason Voorhees’s first victims in 1980’s Friday the 13th, Bacon has undertaken a spectrum of character roles spanning five decades. His repertoire includes an array of hero roles and a memorable cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. His list of villain roles is equally impressive, with his latest being Bob Garbinger in The Toxic Avenger.

Garbinger, a character described as an ‘unscrupulous villain’, presents an oppositional force to the unconventional protagonist, Winston Gooze.

After a fateful run-in with toxic waste, Gooze morphs into the super-strong Toxic Avenger. If one is familiar with the Troma Studios tradition, it can be reasoned that Garbinger, Bacon’s character, is likely to meet an overdrawn, bloody end.

Premiering at the Fantastic Fest in September, The Toxic Avenger was met with a surprisingly favorable initial reaction. Given the 1984 original’s status as a cult classic, there were some concerns about how fans would receive a reboot, even one with enhanced visual effects and a strong cast. Yet, the reboot has seemingly bucked these concerns, earning appreciation especially for its adherence to original practical effects and its penchant for the gory aspect inherent in the franchise’s narrative.

Straightly after its release, The Toxic Avenger charmed reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes, securing a 91% approval rating. Early critiques noted the effective strategy of the film to concentrate on its strengths, appeasing its cult fans with a humorous yet visceral treatment of extreme gore. Because after all, seriousness can take a backseat when the lead character wields a super-powered mop.


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