WATCH: Kamala Harris Mocked as Interview Goes Badly 

Harris’ Unpopularity Soars as Cryptic Discourses Leave Many Baffled

VP Kamala Harris, notoriously recognized for her lengthy, somewhat meandering discourses on a range of subjects, seemingly fell into the same pattern during her interaction on the ‘I’ve Had It’ podcast. In exchange with co-anchors Jennifer Welch and Angie ‘Pumps’ Sullivan, Harris embarked upon ‘the essence of democracy’, where her conversation took a detour.

Harris pointed out, ‘Democracy inherently carries a dichotomy. It possesses incredible strength, particularly when it remains firm, and provides for its citizens — safeguarding personal liberties and freedoms. This vigor benefits its constituents immeasurably. However, democracy is concurrently incredibly delicate,’ as she continued her thought process.

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She further added, ‘Its strength is dependent on our readiness to safeguard it. That basically encapsulates what democracy represents. It revolves around the people.’ This statement elicited mockery from various users on platform X.

Recent polls conducted since the inauguration of her alongside President Joe Biden have positioned Harris as one of the most unfavorably viewed vice presidents in recent times, if not the least popular. Despite this, Harris is venturing onto the campaign trail as one of the most unwelcomely perceived vice-presidents in recent history, amidst dipping approval ratings for her and Biden.

Much of this unfavorable view might be attributed to her tendency to give confounding elaborations on different matters. In a July 2023 segment of the Fox News show ‘Outnumbered’, co-anchor Harris Faulkner conveyed her worries about Harris after highlighting some of her latest baffling elaborations on various issues.

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During the segment, a clip featuring the vice president remarking that ‘The aspect of transportation fundamentally aims at ensuring that people can attain the destinations they need,’ was played. This led co-host Kayleigh McEnany to comment, ‘Hmm. And there’s more,’ prior to drawing attention to a tweet from Harris asserting that ‘a significant portion of internal flights do not offer accessible restrooms.’

‘A majority of in-country flights not providing access to restrooms is completely unacceptable. Our administrative body will soon provide a solution to eradicate this disparity,’ Harris had posted on her social media. McEnany criticized this, pointing out, ‘Every in-flight journey I’ve undertaken had accessible facilities — I can confirm this as I’ve changed my children there.’

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Subsequently, the program aired a video of Harris trying to elucidate on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). ‘To introduce this subject, AI is a sophisticated concept,’ Harris started. ‘Initially, it’s an abbreviation of two letters. It stands for Artificial Intelligence.’

Faulkner commented on her explanation, saying ‘She seems to be veering off the course, and this is evident even when considering a president with abysmally low approval scores,’ she observed. ‘So, it’s not as much about what she says but about what she does. What steps is she taking to shift Americans’ perceptions? And if she steps up to run in place of Biden for whatever reason if he chooses not to run — does she have sufficient time to redirect this course?’

Faulkner added, ‘And certainly, while she busies herself counting the letters of AI and educating us that it’s a two-lettered abbreviation, it does raise some concerns.’ ‘I’m genuinely apprehensive about the situation,’ she further stated.

‘So am I. Absolutely,’ McEnany concurred. ‘As was pointed out by an old associate, VP also consists of just two letters.’

Marc Thiessen, a Fox News contributor, humorously appended, ‘It’s short for Vice President.’

‘Appreciate your clarification,’ responded Faulkner, cleverly mimicking the VP’s verbose style.

Harris’ explanations and discussions on varied issues often prove to be complex challenges to grasp for many, resulting in her unpopularity. Her reputation for long-winded and difficult-to-follow speeches has done little to endear her to the general populace.

Finding ground in the campaign trail might prove to be a difficult feat for Harris, considering current sentiments. Her standing in polls and the public’s eye leaves many wondering if the tide can be turned favorably for her.

The growing apprehension surrounds the question: can she manage to re-establish a stronger connection with the people and regain their trust? Only time will tell.

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