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WATCH: Joe Rogan Highlights Trump’s Achievements, Believes He’s Unrivaled for 2024

Joe Rogan Asserts Trump’s Dominance for 2024 Election


In a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, host Joe Rogan delved into the political landscape for the 2024 election.

He emphasized that due to the strong support base that former President Donald Trump has built, any other Republican contender would face immense challenges in outpacing him for the nomination.

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During the episode featuring guest Patrick Bet-David, the discussion took a political turn.

While they touched on various subjects, Rogan was straightforward in expressing his belief that Trump remains a dominant figure in the Republican landscape.


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He highlighted the former president’s achievements, including a robust economy and effective policy implementations. “When you evaluate the outcomes of his policies, it’s evident they had a positive impact,” Rogan noted.

He further commented on contemporary issues and controversies, saying, “The majority agree on the need for immigration control.

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When you consider accusations such as the Russia collusion or the Steele dossier, which have since been debunked, it’s evident there were concerted efforts against Trump.”

Rogan also brought up the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, questioning the integrity of the intelligence agencies involved.

Additionally, Rogan touched upon Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and his potential bid.

He opined that despite DeSantis’s seemingly promising start, he may not have the charisma to match Trump’s appeal, referencing a report from the DC Enquirer.

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Rogan’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among some that the Trump administration had its merits, especially when compared to the current Biden administration

As 2024 approaches, there’s a growing belief among certain segments that Trump might be the Republican Party’s best bet to reclaim the presidency.


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