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WATCH: Joe Rogan and Bill Maher Dissect Modern Wokeism 

Democrats’ Policies Challenged by Maher and Rogan


In the latest podcast episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ talk show host Bill Maher and Joe Rogan dissected the contemporary liberal policies advocated by the Democratic Party, drawing comparisons with the leftist agenda of the past.

During the conversation, they addressed several current policies that diverge significantly from the traditional positions of the left.

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One such topic was the Democrats’ present inclination to discourage the prosecution and incarceration of obvious criminals by police and district attorneys, resulting in a noticeable increase in theft crimes.

‘Progressive liberalism was never about condoning shoplifting,’ asserted Maher. He highlighted that legalizing shoplifting was never a goal, but following the George Floyd murder and subsequent riots, there was a movement to defund numerous police forces.

Consequently, crime rates soared in certain areas, and many of the discharged officers found employment as private security for affluent individuals, preserving safety in their neighborhoods. Maher pointed out that this outcome cannot be considered a victory for Liberalism.

The conversation then turned to Austin, an extremely liberal city that initially endeavored to defund their police force. Ultimately, they had to restore the funding as they realized the approach was not effective in combating crime.

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This turn of events pleased Rogan, who commented on the prevalent crime rates. Furthermore, the talk show emphasized the issue of crime among the African American community in Chicago, suggesting that these incidents often go unreported.

Maher and Rogan collectively highlighted the disconnect in how black lives seem to matter less when they are lost due to intra-community violence.

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The discussion progressed to contrasting the ethos of modern liberalism with its earlier manifestations. Rogan categorized Maher as a ’90’s liberal,’ a more reasonable stance that is distinct from the modern left.

Maher wholeheartedly concurred with this assessment and continually strives to differentiate traditional liberalism from the concept of being woke. He argued that woke ideology is not a natural extension of classical liberalism; instead, it is often at odds with its core tenets.

Maher pointed out that the woke movement prioritizes race as the primary lens through which all aspects of life should be viewed. He found it fascinating that this viewpoint closely aligns with the historical position held by the Ku Klux Klan.

Rogan attempted to understand the ideological origins of the woke movement but reached a different conclusion than adherents of woke ideology. He argued that extreme poverty and crime, rather than race, represent the most pressing issues facing the nation.


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