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WATCH: Jill Biden Posts Bizarre Christmas Video at the White House

Public Backlash Over Jill Biden’s Unconventional Christmas Video


This past Wednesday saw First Lady Jill Biden publicize an unconventional Christmas video filmed at the White House. The online presentation featured the rhythmic Dorrance Dance, a troupe known for their tap dancing who used 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, every festive decoration included, as their stage.

‘A dash of enchantment, marvel, and delight, brought to life by the skilled feet of Dorrance Dance, performing their lively rendition of The Nutcracker Suite. Enjoy!’ Such was the message shared alongside the video.

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However, not all the responses to this unique video were positive. In fact, a substantial backlash arose, prominently on social media platforms, where many voices highlighted the stark contrast between the artistic display and the Christmas message shared during the Trump administration under Melania Trump’s guidance.

Communication took a spiritual tone during her tenure, and the current First Lady’s approach led some to debate the direction the Christmas messages were taking.

A social media post triggered this dispute, asking which people preferred: ‘Jill Biden Christmas Video (incorporating drag artists), or Melania Trump Christmas Video (Centered around Jesus)’. In this context, the question stands: What approach to Christmas representation do people appreciate more?

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Comments volleying criticism at the video rapidly piled up. Notable among them was Stephen Miller’s statement, ‘This is an affront to Christmas.’ Tim Young, a well-known comedian, didn’t mince words either, stating, ‘It’s a mentally challenged Christmas at the Biden White House.’

In the video, multiple performers captured viewers’ attention with their vivid costumes, dancing to the beat of The Nutcracker Suite through the East Wing of the White House. Indeed, the vivid visual display brought much attention, not all of it favorable.

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‘The chestnuts aren’t going to roast, but First Lady Jill Biden certainly will, considering her bold Capitol District Christmas style this year,’ was the opinion presented by Mollie Hemingway, Federalist Editor-in-Chief. Vicious remarks continued to flow in quickly.

Among Dorrance Dance’s credos are advocating for eradicating the police, endorsing Black Lives Matter, and shifting the world’s focus onto ‘white privilege, systemic racism, white fragility, and anti-racism’, which raised eyebrows for some internet users.

Sebastian Gorka, a prominent political figure, questioned the content: ‘What does this White House video from Jill Biden have to do with the birth of our Lord and Savior?’ His sentiment echoed many of the reactions to the unusual Christmas effort.

Another criticism came from Libby Emmons, who stated, ‘Jill Biden actually produced this video with our tax money and thinks it is a celebration of Christmas.’

Additional online comments raised questions concerning the financial accountability of creating such a video for public consumption, explicitly questioning how much taxpayers money was used. The budget of the holiday video became as controversial as the video itself.

There was a shared sentiment expressed by Monica Crowley saying, ‘You paid for Jill Biden’s ‘holiday’ horror show,’ suggesting that taxpayers worked hard for this budget, questioning its overall allocation.


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