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WATCH: Harrison Butker Boldly Challenges Modern Narratives in Speech at Catholic College Graduation

Kansas City Chiefs’ Star, Harrison Butker, Ignites Conservative Debate

Harrison Butker, the proficient Kansas City Chiefs kicker and devout Catholic, recently delivered an impressive commencement speech at Benedictine College, which has sparked vigorous nationwide debate and critique from the NFL. The core themes of his dialogue included diversity, equity, and inclusion, subjects that are at the forefront of national conversations.

Butker addressed the collective student body in empathetic terms, reflecting on the challenges unique to their generation due to the pandemic. ‘Despite missing out on key milestones due to the Covid events, older generations may have taken these for granted, but your challenges have been different. Stating that Covid was a significant part of your life journey, though, would not be completely accurate,’ Butker iterated.

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He astutely identified deficient policies and leadership failures as more pivotal elements affecting major life aspects. ‘Factors such as abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, along with a growing acceptance for misguided cultural values and media, can all be traced back to a general trend of social disarray,’ he offered in his powerful speech.

Butker delivered a controversial annotation about the nation’s leadership, criticizing the double-standard of leaders who publicize their religious allegiances but continue to support conflicting values. ‘Our nation is guided by an individual who openly upholds his Catholic faith yet paradoxically enacts the sign of the cross at a pro-abortion rally,’ he pointed out in reference to this disjoint.

He proceeded with fierce criticism of the current political climate, ‘A leader who is bold enough to voice support for the ending of innocent lives to the extent that it may seem, to some, that Catholicism and pro-choice beliefs could coexist.’ This statement reflects his disapproval of the prevalent ambiguity around moral issues in the public sphere.

Shifting focus, he critiqued what he termed the ‘church of nice,’ calling for more authentic expression of faith without malicious intent, while simultaneously emphasizing the need for courage over complacency. ‘While we should communicate and act out of love, we shouldn’t let this be confused with lack of courage,’ Butker counseled.

The Kansas City Chiefs footballer continued to convey a strong message, encouraging individuals to be unapologetically Catholic and bearers of truth. ‘The current social narrative may suggest that we suppress our beliefs when they conflict with widely accepted ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ Butker warned.

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Further, he highlighted the existing fear about expressing truthful opinions, as these views might not align with the popular consensus, ‘There is a fear to express genuine views because now, unfortunately, majority is perceived to be equated with truth.’ He bravely articulated his concern over the suppression of minority perspectives.

Reacting to his comments, Jonathan Beane, the NFL’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, made clear to PEOPLE that Butker’s sentiments were depicted in his personal capacity and not in line with the organization’s official stance. He added, ‘NFL remains unwavering in our commitment towards fostering an inclusive environment that only strengthens our league.’

Kansas City commissioner Justice Horn also criticized Butker’s remarks, clarifying, ‘Harrison Butker does not symbolize Kansas City or its values. Kansas City has consistently been a stronghold, upholding, validating, and welcoming our LGBTQ+ community members.’ He attempted to distance the city’s values from the personal views expressed by Butker.

A major development has been an online petition on, seeking Butker’s exclusion from the Kansas City Chiefs. The petition has gained unexpected momentum, acquiring more than 115,000 signatures, signifying the extent of public backlash against Butker’s statements.

However, amidst the fierce criticism, Butker has also found a few staunch supporters. ‘Harrison Butker, the NFL player, has unleashed a storm among liberals by encouraging young men to adhere to virtuous standards,’ opined commentator Breanna Morello.

Morello provocatively added, ‘If Butker were busy fathering children indiscriminately, indulging in excessive partying, and cross-dressing, NFL would wholeheartedly support him. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that most Americans are exasperated – they wholeheartedly agree with Butker’s sentiments. Encourage your sons to emulate Butker’s values.’

Thus, Harrison Butker’s speech at Benedictine College brought forth a heated debate on personal beliefs versus societal norms and the perception of truth within society. While his critique of modern narratives and political climate rocked the boat, it also helped bring attention to the importance of openly discussing our values and understanding the diverse perspectives that shape our society.


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