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WATCH: Harris Affirms Biden is ‘Still Alive’ in ’60 Minutes’ Interview

VP Harris Sheds Light on Biden’s Re-election Plans, Underscores Current Focus


At a recent ’60 Minutes’ interview, Vice President Kamala Harris made clear that President Joe Biden is very much intending to pursue another term.

The dialogue between Harris and Bill Whitaker touched on a wide array of subject matter, including the continuing Israel-Gaza conflict, the emergency at the U.S. frontier, and the imminent presidential race.

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During the interview, Whitaker raised a hypothetical scenario that Democratic contributors proposed. The possibility that, if something were to prevent President Biden from running, it might start a fierce competition over the Democratic nominee.

Being the Vice President, it would presumably place Harris in the brawl. However, donor claims suggest that they may not be automatically aligned with her candidacy.

In response to this conjecture, Harris pointedly mentioned she won’t entertain such hypothetical situations as President Biden is still very active and has plans for re-election. Whitaker tried to argue that it was a valid concern, but Harris maintained her focus on the present roles and duties.

Harris emphasized that she is all set to maintain her concentration on the ongoing work, considering democracy to hang in the balance. Given the current circumstances with a president in the running for re-election, she expressed disinterest in engaging in speculative scenarios.

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Against this backdrop, the conversation led into silence for a prolonged period, after which Harris stated her finality on the matter. This question was prompted in the light of Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips having declared his intention to challenge Biden in the Democratic primaries to invoke generational modulations within party leadership.

No reference was made to Phillips’ campaign during the interview. A while back, certain Democratic voters have demonstrated concern regarding Biden’s advancing age and health, disregarding his current vice-presidential position. A bid for a second term would make Biden 82 years of age.

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Meanwhile, Harris’s popularity score fails to show significant uplift. During the program, Whitaker cited a CBS survey showing that only about 41% of adults were satisfied with Harris’s performance as Vice President. Nonetheless, the poll numbers didn’t seem to cause Harris any concern.

Harris expressed a steadfast belief that when voters take a closer look at their choices come election time, she believes the outcomes will be favorable. Harris made her resolution quite clear in stating her unwavering conviction that they will secure victory, recognizing of course that it won’t be a simple task.

Recently, a top polling expert hinted at a possible comfortable victory for Trump in the next polls, as Biden’s approval ratings continue to dip and the impact of his economic policies hit the average American. Interviewed by radio host Michael Patrick Leahy on The Tennessee Star report, John McLaughlin weighed in on the current and future polling trends.

Initiating the talk, McLaughlin suggested an interesting correlation between Trump’s legal troubles and rising popularity. A notion that every time Trump is indicted by the Department of Justice or a prosecutor with left-leaning persuasion, his support seems to surge.

On reviewing the latest poll from Morning Consult, the numbers were intriguingly in favor of Trump. But more notably, it was not an exception. According to other polls, Trump appeared to be gaining the upper hand, suggesting the political winds might be turning in favor of the former president.

McLaughlin went on to make an audacious forecast of a potential electoral sweep for Trump. He pointed out the effect of the census on the electoral votes and the swing states from the previous elections that seemed promising for Trump this time around.

He enumerated possible victories in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, factoring in changes in election laws and economic conditions. With these states in the bag, McLaughlin argues that Trump could accumulate sufficiently to clinch the presidency comfortably.


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