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Dinesh D’Souza Clip from Police State – ‘They Fear Donald Trump’ 

Highly Anticipated Film ‘Police State’ Reveals Disturbing Agenda

Conservative commentator and author Dinesh D’Souza recently unveiled a clip of his highly anticipated film ‘Police State’ to his devoted followers. The movie has already garnered tremendous support, with theaters quickly selling out in various locations. If you haven’t already, make sure to secure your tickets soon before they run out.

D’Souza took to Truth Social to express his belief that the police state is more fearful of Donald Trump than anyone else. According to him, Trump poses a mortal threat to the repressive apparatus of the Biden regime. ‘Police State’ provides an exclusive sneak peek into the desperate measures undertaken by the forces of evil to suppress Trump before he can take them down. The film is set to be released in a few days, so don’t miss out on your chance to witness it at

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In the clip, notable personalities like Kash Patel, Dan Bongino, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) share their perspective on the Democrats’ relentless pursuit of Trump using the Department of Justice and lawfare tactics. They draw comparisons between these actions and the behavior of police states worldwide, illustrating the urgency of the situation.

For audiences eager to delve deeper, offers a detailed outline of the movie’s release plan, including showings in theaters across America on October 23 and October 25. Additionally, a virtual screening is scheduled for October 27. Produced by D’Souza Media LLC, ‘Police State’ primarily focuses on the weaponization of the judicial system against conservative and Christian Americans.

D’Souza shares his sentiment on the film’s website, stating that it was a film he never wanted to create, as he hoped America would never reach the point where such a movie would be necessary. However, he perceives himself as the animal that warns the herd of impending danger so that precautionary steps can be taken before it’s too late.

Collaborating with former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, D’Souza tapped into the expertise of actor Nick Searcy as well. According to Bongino, the police state is not a distant specter but a present reality, with signs of its existence increasingly evident. He warns that once you become aware of these signs, your senses will be heightened to the danger we all face.

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Searcy adds to this concern, stating that the relentless persecution of political opponents, a characteristic of totalitarian countries, has become a defining feature of America. The documentary seeks to shed light on the current state of political persecution, ensuring that citizens comprehend the gravity of the situation.

It includes interviews with influential conservative figures such as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense Kash Patel, Dan Bongino, and other respected leaders.

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As we eagerly await the release of ‘Police State,’ there is a growing eagerness among conservative Americans to witness D’Souza’s latest creation. With tickets selling out rapidly, it is clear that many share his concerns about the weaponization of the justice system against their values and beliefs.

This film provides a platform to discuss the very real threats faced by conservative and Christian citizens in the current political landscape. It aims to engage viewers from all walks of life, encouraging them to question and examine the actions of the State with a critical eye.

By provocatively highlighting the dangers of an encroaching police state, ‘Police State’ serves as a wake-up call to those who may not yet comprehend the significance of this issue.

The timing of ‘Police State’ is critical, as it acts as a call to action for America to address the concerning issues facing the country. By exposing the tactics employed by those in power, the film urges citizens to remain vigilant and proactive in preserving their freedom.

It serves as a reminder that totalitarianism can arise under the guise of democracy, and that all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, should be united in safeguarding the values that define the nation. D’Souza’s sincere desire to protect America from descending into a true police state resonates with audiences, who recognize the importance of staying informed and involved in the democratic process.

D’Souza’s film not only sheds light on the threats faced by conservatives but also offers a sense of empowerment. By sharing the experiences and opinions of respected leaders, ‘Police State’ offers hope that change is possible and that individuals can make a difference. The movie provides a rallying cry for those who feel their voices are being stifled by the current administration, urging them to band together and push for a society that upholds their values.

It encourages viewers to educate themselves, engage in meaningful discourse, and actively participate in the political process, ultimately leading to positive change.

As the release date of ‘Police State’ approaches, anticipation continues to mount. Audiences eagerly await the opportunity to experience the powerful message conveyed in this film. By addressing the concerns of conservatives in a thought-provoking and informative manner, D’Souza captures the attention of those who desire a nuanced examination of the current political climate.

‘Police State’ provides viewers with both a wake-up call and a sense of hope, inspiring them to take action and protect the fundamental principles that define the United States.

At its core, ‘Police State’ serves as a reminder that no one person, regardless of their political affiliation, should be above scrutiny or immune to accountability. It emphasizes the importance of transparency, fairness, and justice in a democratic society.

By exposing the weaponization of the judicial system against conservatives and Christians, D’Souza’s film aims to spark a broad conversation on the need for true justice. It encourages viewers to challenge the prevailing narrative and explore alternative perspectives while urging them to remain grounded in the principles that uphold the nation.

The release of ‘Police State’ marks a significant moment for conservatives across America, providing an opportunity to engage in bold conversations and introspection. As audiences watch the film, they will be encouraged to evaluate the trajectory of the country and determine their role in shaping its future.

D’Souza’s powerful storytelling, combined with the insights of influential figures, enables viewers to reevaluate their stance on issues and consider perspectives they may not have previously encountered. In this way, ‘Police State’ serves as a catalyst for personal growth, fostering a deepened understanding of the crucial challenges facing the nation today.

What sets ‘Police State’ apart from other films is its commitment to providing a balanced examination of the political landscape. While its primary focus lies with conservative and Christian Americans, the film invites viewers from all backgrounds to join the conversation.

By encouraging dialogue and inclusivity, the documentary ensures that a variety of perspectives are represented and the complexities of different political ideologies are duly acknowledged. The purpose is not to divide, but to unite people in a common pursuit: the preservation of democracy and freedom.

In an era marked by polarization, ‘Police State’ dares to bridge the gap between differing political beliefs. The documentary aims to foster understanding and encourage mutual respect among individuals with contrasting views.

By highlighting the threats faced by conservatives, the film hopes to prompt those on the other side of the political spectrum to engage in empathetic dialogue and consider the impact of their actions. This collective introspection and open-mindedness are fundamental to progress and healing the divide that plagues the nation.

As ‘Police State’ reaches audiences across the country, it is likely to ignite passionate discussions and debates. The film acts as a catalyst for change, urging viewers to critically analyze the state of the nation and question the extent of governmental power.

Its purpose extends far beyond mere entertainment—it strives to inspire action, encouraging individuals to become active participants in shaping the future of the country they hold dear. By embracing the call to question authority and protect democratic values, Americans can collectively steer the nation towards a brighter and more inclusive future.


The impact of ‘Police State’ is anticipated to extend beyond the theater screen. As viewers emerge from theaters or virtual screenings, they will carry with them a renewed sense of urgency and determination.

The film prompts individuals to reevaluate their civic duties and question whether they have been doing enough to safeguard their rights and values. By motivating citizens to engage in peaceful activism and constructive dialogue, ‘Police State’ aspires to create a lasting impact, forging a path towards increased unity and understanding.

‘Police State’ serves as a reminder that citizens must remain vigilant and aware of the potential dangers posed by an overreaching government. It underscores the importance of holding those in power accountable and resisting any form of infringement on basic freedoms.

D’Souza’s film creates a space for conservatives and like-minded individuals to come together, strengthen their resolve, and push back against these threats. By doing so, they affirm their commitment to preserving the core principles that America was built upon.

In the face of mounting challenges, ‘Police State’ encourages conservatives to draw inspiration from past accomplishments and persist in their fight for liberty. It reminds them of the remarkable resilience demonstrated by the nation throughout history and calls upon citizens to remain committed to the principles that have defined America.

The film sends a powerful message that every individual has the capacity to effect positive change, and it is through unity and unwavering determination that triumph can be achieved.

With resonant interviews and meticulous storytelling, ‘Police State’ captures the hearts and minds of conservative viewers across America. It channels their concerns and hopes into a call for action, inviting them to actively participate in the democratic process.

D’Souza’s documentary emphasizes the importance of staying engaged, supporting the values that conservatives hold dear, and safeguarding the nation from an encroaching police state. By presenting a thought-provoking narrative, the film empowers viewers to protect their liberties and secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

As the final days leading up to the release of ‘Police State’ draw near, conservatives eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness this powerful documentary. The film’s capacity to resonate with individuals from all walks of life is a testament to its ability to transcend political boundaries and address universal concerns.

By encouraging open dialogue and fostering empathy, ‘Police State’ facilitates a deeper understanding of the urgent issues faced by America today. It inspires conservatives to stand firm in their convictions, promoting a vision of a more united, free, and prosperous nation for all.

In its unwavering dedication to highlighting the threats faced by conservatives and Christians, ‘Police State’ challenges viewers to reevaluate their assumptions and affiliations. The film serves as a rallying cry for conservatives, urging them to unite and protect the values they hold dear.

By capturing the attention of audiences across America, ‘Police State’ ignites a passion for justice and constitutional preservation. Through knowledge, action, and a shared commitment to democracy, the American people can ensure the longevity and prosperity of the nation they love.


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