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WATCH: Catholic Nun Says Trump’s Victory Would Be Divine Intervention Against Malevolent Biden

Wise Nun Slams Liberals: America’s Election More than a Battle of Politics, It’s Good vs. Evil

Earlier this week, footage quickly spread across the internet, featuring a devout Catholic nun expressing the sentiment that a victory for Donald Trump in the pending elections would be seen as divine intervention. The statement came following a proclamation by President Joe Biden (whom the nun didn’t shy away from labeling as ‘unfit and malevolent’), designating March 31, 2024, which happens to fall on Easter Sunday, as a day to celebrate transgender visibility.

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Mother Miriam, the nun at the center of this occurrence, runs a well-followed daily podcast. On this platform, she shared her view that many governments, including our own, are failing to both represent their citizens and abide by God’s principles. She even raised concerns over an issue that has long been debated: the potential for non-citizens to participate in U.S. elections.

In the nun’s words, ‘We’re approaching an election year here in America. In simpler times, an election signified the period when ordinary citizens could reclaim control over their country’s future.’ However, she expressed her fear that these were not straightforward times, and a sinister realization was dawning on people worldwide.

‘Everywhere, it’s becoming palpable,’ she stated, ‘men and women are starting to understand the worrisome truth that their governments no longer operate in service of either God or the people they represent.’

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Mother Miriam further voiced her belief amidst the ongoing drama: ‘If Trump manages to secure office, it will be nothing short of divine intervention.’ She argued quite pointedly that if Democrats, particularly Biden, fail to ascend once more, it will be due to the same divine intervention. Miriam believes that this is because every imaginable ploy and evil tries to maintain Biden’s controversial hold on power.

She opined about the forces that influence the sitting president: ‘Those who orbit Biden, those who guide his decisions and possibly even manipulate him – do remember, the devil is cunning. I would not be surprised if they resort to unprecedented measures.’

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The nun continued with, ‘I am aware that a suggestion has recently been made that voting rights should only be granted to individuals who can demonstrate U.S. citizenship – a sentiment which I wholeheartedly support. Yet, factions within the Democratic Party are in opposition to this. So, understand that we face not merely an election, but a veritable battle between good and evil.’

These insightful words from Mother Miriam were broadly shared and discussed in the aftermath of another unexpected twist: President Biden’s decision to declare Easter Sunday as a day for promoting transgender visibility. He made this pronouncement in a bold statement, thus further stirring up controversy.

Formally, President Biden stated: ‘On my authority as President, as invested in me through the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, I am hereby declaring March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.’

He continued with a call for unity: ‘I urge all Americans to join me in recognizing the experiences and contributions of our transgender citizens and towards the elimination of violence and prejudice based on gender identity.’ The timing of the President’s statement, coming as it did on Good Friday, has fueled conversations across various platforms.

Mother Miriam’s significant influence is not just limited to her podcast. She has a wide reach as a part of the popular Catholic Media Network known as ‘The Station of the Cross’.

Her show has consistent scheduling, reliably broadcasted every workday at 2 PM EST. It provides a platform where she fearlessly shares her views, serving as both a breath of fresh air and a call to arms for many in these trying political times.

In these crucial moments leading up to the electoral stage, Mother Miriam’s words ring out from a unique vantage point – faith. Her blending of conservative insights and the essence of good and evil awakens many to what is at stake.

This story, the mixing of faith and politics, continues to unfold, capturing the attention of many who find themselves at the intersections of religion, conservative principles, political opinion, and societal issues. Whatever one’s views may be, Mother Miriam’s discussion is provocative, stoking conversations worldwide and making every listener question the nature of their government’s actions.

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