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WATCH: Lion’s Fan’s Fiery Table Dive Ends in Unexpected Flames

NFL Tailgate Stunt Ends in Flames for Detroit Lions Supporter

Buffalo Bills supporters’ customary of diving onto folding tables from the tops of vehicles or snow piles during tailgating events is a sight seen often. However, the routine took an unexpected turn this Sunday, in the lead up to the AFC Divisional showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. A particular fan attempted this conventional act, but with the twist of the table being set aflame. The results were instantaneously unfortunate, if not a bit alarming.

With characteristic bravado, the fan attired in a Detroit Lions sweatshirt, positioned himself on a truck bed. A friend of his facilitated the backwards fall onto the flaming table. As per the usual, the table split perfectly down the center at the impact, the objective being achieved in every such stunt.

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A surprising aftermath awaited when the fan rose from his daring act. The fire was relentless, latching onto his trousers and slightly up his back. Swiftly, he tried to eliminate the flames by patting himself, only to end up sinking onto the steady snow beneath him.

Another onlooker dove over to help, joining the first fan in attempts to stop the fire. They engaged in a concerted effort of rapid hand movements, patting him down.

The flames were reportedly ignited using lighter fluid. This detail sheds light on why the flames continued to flicker even after the daring individual tried to put it out.

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Meanwhile, in the course of the actual on-field clash, the Lions managed to secure their spot in the NFC Championship Game, by overcoming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 31-23 victory at home.

If the flame-engulfed fan was indeed rooting for the Lions, he might have been in high spirits with the progression of his team earlier that Sunday, notwithstanding the peculiar, fiery incident involving him.

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In contrast, the completion of the Bills-Chiefs match must have drastically shifted the mood of the Buffalo adherents. Their spirits plummeted when their trusty kicker, Tyler Bass, misplaced a pivotal 44-yard field goal, veering wide right less than two minutes before the game’s end.

With this unexpected outcome, the Chiefs successfully proceeded to their sixth continuous AFC Championship by tactically letting the game clock run out, securing a close 27-24 triumph.

Bills defenders across the country were left disheartened by this loss. Their team celebrated for having an enviable tailgating area, has been thrown into heart-wrenching disappointment during their recent playoff visits, despite their roster’s profound talent.

That talent includes their quarterback, Josh Allen, whose collective skills are notable. However, even his abilities weren’t sufficient to tip the scales in favor of the Bills during these playoff rounds.

In contrast, Chiefs’ renowned quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has extended his impressive record against Allen in the playoffs; achieving a noteworthy 3-0 winning streak.

Consequently, the sight of Bills fans assembling around their tailgating spots won’t be glimpsed until the commencement of the 2024 season later this year.

Although their thrilling tailgate parties featuring daredevil stunts on burning tables may be a spectacle to look forward to, one can’t deny the palpable anticipation of the epic games themselves.

Will the Bills fans’ gamble with aflame tables continue to be a customary pre-event ritual, only time will tell. However, what’s certain is their unwavering dedication to their team and a fiercely played game of football.

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