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WATCH: Bill Maher’s Rips Pro Palestine Protestors in Latest Video

Maher Critiques Rising Wave of Extremist Activism from the Democratic Corner

On his weekly show, HBO presenter Bill Maher gave a piece of his mind to the extremist left-wing activists who’ve been rallying behind Palestine. These youthful troublemakers have taken over campuses across the country and started multiple demonstrations, wreaking havoc on the daily life of industrious American citizens. Despite leaning toward the Democratic side, Maher, known for his moderate political stance, fiercely criticised the native protestors for their self-absorbed activism.

The host kicked off his monologue by discussing the recent protests that have ensnared major highways and landmarks, such as San Francisco major routes, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. He proposed a ‘new rule’: pushing a middle-of-the-road message to protesters who disrupt traffic for their cause, emphatically stating that their tactics were not winning them any popularity contests.

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In Maher’s words, ‘It takes a rather imprudent person to believe that causing people delay in picking up their kids from daycare will endear them to your perspective.’ He encapsulates this idea as the common perception of the general public, who have work or family responsibilities. ‘I have children; I have a job’, the host voiced out his thoughts that mirror that of many.

Maher also brushed on the complex socio-political issues seen not only in the Middle East but across the globe. Still, he highlighted the contrast between protesters having all the time in the world and average Americans who have jobs to keep and deadlines to meet; a disparity which, according to him, feels rather privileged.

He went on to address those who used their free time to literally stick their hands to city streets, implying that unlike working individuals, these people don’t have anything else to do with their hands – like putting in an honest day’s labor.

Furthering his critique, Maher targeted the Ivy League students occupying campuses across Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. He suggested that their activism was not born of empathy or compassion, but more akin to self-absorption and an addiction for attention.

He questioned their motives, asking whether the students were eager for attention or genuinely challenging the authorities. The HBO host viewed this recent form of activism as a quest for cool points rather than understanding the historical weight it carried, comparing it to the uninformed adulation of notorious figures like Che Guevara.

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For Maher, these superficial acts of rebellion were small potatoes when activism becomes tainted with narcissism. The focus shifts from the cause to the person, with the urge to stand out and get followed on social media platforms. In this twist, the virtue of the cause takes a backseat to the craving for likes and subscriptions.

Switching gears, Maher voiced his criticism towards a group of recently dismissed Google employees who staged a sit-in at the tech giant’s premises. Their primary demand was to ensure the search engine withdrew from a running contract with Israel.

Maher admitted that it was depressing when someone felt compelled to end their own life, but he reflected on the possibility of interweaving personal issues with broader, often misunderstood causes. He contemplated whether these activists were earnestly supporting a cause or primarily used it as a platform for their own self-promotion.

The host then drew attention to the numerous human rights violations worldwide, emphasizing that these should hold more precedence than the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, according to his perspective.

He suggested that if these Google employees understood the fundamentalist oppressive forces they were effectively empowering – the likes of Hamas, the Houthis, Hezbollah, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – they might take a step back and reconsider their position against the so-called world’s biggest ‘monster’, ‘Genocide Joe.’

Maher voiced his frustrations towards those using significant global crises as a platform for role-playing revolutionaries. While urging them not to pull the Gaza situation into their schematics.

His conclusion was a satirical critique of the practice of throwing stuff on paintings as a form of protest, essentially labelling it as nonsensical. He humorously noted that no one looks at squashed potatoes on a Monet and feels encouraged to better manage their waste and recycle their cans.

By the end of his monologue, Maher had taken a firm stance against an array of what he sees as misplaced and self-serving activism practices. He urged the viewing public to consider the wider context and root causes before engaging in or supporting such activities.

While the HBO host’s perspectives may not gel with everyone, his message provides a powerful commentary on the status of contemporary extreme activism, underlining the importance of engaging with meaningful social justice causes without ignoring the realities and responsibilities of everyday life.


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