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Biden’s Latest Gaffe in Speech at White Praises WNBA Player as ‘All-time Greatest Coach’

Candace Parker’s Legacy Recognized by Biden While Confusing Player for Coach

The leader of our nation, President Biden, recently held a congregation at the White House to honor the WNBA’s consecutive champions, the Las Vegas Aces. This display of sportsmanship and achievement was showcased on a grand scale, highlighting the triumphs of these skilled athletes. Among the acclaimed roster of champions is a figure who does not require introduction: Candace Parker, although recently retired, played a significant role in the Aces’ victorious season, having participated in 18 games.

Though she decided not to take part in the playoffs, she undoubtedly contributed to the team’s success. As a reward for her dedication and competence, Parker received her third championship ring, cementing her legacy as a stalwart of the league. Her retirement, announced on April 28, marked the end of a career that won’t soon be forgotten; a career brimming with talent, leadership, and unparalleled dedication to the sport.

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While Candace Parker decided not to make the trek to Washington, D.C., President Biden was sure to acknowledge her monumental contribution to the team and the sport. However, a slip of the tongue led to him incorrectly referring to Parker as ‘one of the greatest all-time coaches’ in the history of the WNBA. To clarify, Parker’s legacy lies in her stellar performance as a player, not as a coach.

Despite the slight confusion, President Biden’s sentiment remained clear – Candace Parker’s contributions to basketball go beyond her on-the-court performance. Boasting an impressive resume, Parker’s 16-season career features victories on all levels, including two Olympic Gold Medals, multiple MVP status achievements, and an exceptional final championship, wrapping her professional journey on a high note.

Dropping an intriguing hint about his own ambitions, President Biden humorously drew parallels between his hope for a back-to-back presidential term and the Aces’ consecutive wins. The joke demonstrated the camaraderie and the jovial atmosphere seen during the ceremony.

In his speech, President Biden hailed the current period as a golden era for women’s basketball. Celebrating the representation and inspiration it brings for numerous American women and girls, he underscored the progressive strides made in the industry and the importance of supporting women’s sports.

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The Las Vegas Aces secured their second consecutive WNBA title by humbling the New York Liberty in October’s championship. This stark victory further affirmed their dominance and prowess in the sport, cementing their prominent space in the league’s annals.

However, not all teams have been eager to participate in the White House tradition of recognizing sports champions. The Denver Nuggets, current NBA champions, earlier cited their pursuit of a prime Wilson Conference seed as the reason for their absence. In the end, they settled at the No. 2 position after losing out in a tiebreaker.

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Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors, who clinched the 2021-2022 NBA championship, were welcomed by President Biden at the White House in early 2021. This marked a noticeable shift from their stance a few years prior when they declined the invitation during then-President Donald Trump’s tenure.

In contrast, the Toronto Raptors and the Los Angeles Lakers, who claimed the 2019 and 2020 NBA Finals respectively, chose not to grace the White House at all. However, the Milwaukee Bucks reversed this trend by accepting the presidential invitation in November 2021 to commemorate their victory.

The last sports champions to visit the Trump administration were the 2019 World Series victors, the Washington Nationals. Only five days after their victory, they were greeted warmly at the White House, marking the end of an era filled with contest and dispute.

In 2021, the tradition ensued with the UConn men’s and LSU women’s teams visiting President Biden at the White House. These visits represented a significant nod to the achievements of college-level sports and the impact they have on fostering American talents nationwide.

It’s noteworthy, however, that President Biden faced some criticism last year for initially overlooking the University of Georgia’s football team’s achievement. The Bulldogs not only played a skilled season but also emphasized tight-knit community values, embodying the intrinsic American spirit.

After a duly warranted invitation was extended to the Bulldogs, they opted not to visit the White House. This decision mirrored their stance from the previous year when their concern for COVID-19 precautions outweighed the tradition of a White House visit.

These examples underline the importance of recognizing and honoring achievements across various sports and leagues. They highlight that the tradition of the White House congregation is not just a ceremonial tribute, but also an instrumental platform to promote sportsmanship, unity, and the American spirit. Likewise, they illustrate the various responses and attitudes of teams towards the, at times controversial, practice of such visits.


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