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WATCH: Biden Looks Confused at APEC Conference Among World Leaders 

Predicaments at the APEC Summit: Biden’s Stutter Steps Raise Eyebrows


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, made a prominent appearance at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in San Francisco, California this past Thursday. Numerous international figureheads were present at the forum.

However, the President’s appearance provoked a flurry of online commentary, with some critics highlighting Biden’s somewhat muddled demeanor on stage alongside his global counterparts. Speculations revolved around a particular episode where Biden abstained from citing a US company’s name, allegedly due to uncertainty regarding its pronunciation.

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A video that emerged from the summit swiftly went viral, showing President Biden amidst a group of leaders hailing from the Pacific and East Asia region. As per the video, the US president seemed to momentarily lose awareness of his surroundings while in front of numerous international leaders.

As the camera captures him looking bewildered, he appears disconnected from the immediate scenario unfolding around him. The confusion continues until the announcer signals the ‘President of the United States’, stirring Biden’s attention.

Awakening to the context, Biden, per the video, surged forth toward the podium after catching hold of the person standing next to him. He then commenced addressing the waiting crowd, candidly acknowledging his momentary lapse. As one of the current world’s most senior leaders, Biden’s apparent slip drew significant attention largely because he helms the United States – a global superpower.

Biden’s age, which makes him the oldest president the United States has ever seen, unfortunately invited unkind commentaries and some skepticism. With the video making rounds on online platforms, one user questioned the sustainability of this perceived façade. Expressing his worry, he added that such happenings are becoming more critical considering the present global challenges.

A section of the digital audience also felt that Biden’s supposed confusion was a result of his advanced age, interpreting it potentially as a form of ‘elder abuse’. Some even suggested that Biden’s presence on the international stage was a testament to the frailty of American competence. As the world watched, the discourse around Biden’s seemingly disjointed presentation started casting a shadow over the global perception of American leadership.

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, meanwhile, was noted for his relatively more agile participation in the same events. Critics argued that while Biden was struggling to match the stage’s dynamism, his Chinese counterpart was successfully leveraging the situation for China’s advantage- thereby outpacing the United States.

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Adding to this perspective, the U.S. State Department reportedly announced a breakthrough in discussions with the Chinese administration. The two countries agreed to foster a transition from coal, oil, and gas to renewable energy sources. They’ve also pledged to intensify policy exchanges to counter climate change and advance responsible carbon footprints.

Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future, however, shared a critical view of this development. To him, this step is primarily benefitting the Chinese who control the abundant production of such renewable resources. His concern arises from the fact that China will henceforth assuredly enjoy a steady market in the US, thereby fortifying their manufacturing sector. He strongly articulated that it seems like the US is ensuring decades of prosperity for China through this agreement.

Turner further expressed his skepticism about the whole agreement. He opined that China has a history of disregarding obligations, which might suggest that they would not take their commitments under the present agreement seriously. He complained that the transition to renewable energy, despite its environmental benefits, is essentially transforming America into a guaranteed sales market for China’s products.

Many critics interpret President Biden’s perceived lapses, and the ensuing reactions, as a reflection of broader disarray within his administration. They argue that the current American foreign policy under Biden’s watch has led to rising global tensions. For instance, Europe and the Middle East have recently been fraught with conflict, and China’s ascendency continues unabated.

Critics claim that despite escalating geopolitical crises, the primary focus of the Biden administration seems to be on eco-diplomacy. Instead of concentrating on international strength projection, they believe the US is more consumed with persuading other world powers to embrace green technology. Under Biden’s administration, a fresh prioritization seems to be shaping up, reflecting an apparent tilt towards environmental diplomacy.

Overall, Biden’s administration is viewed by some critics as troubled, amidst both its perceived internal challenges and its international obligations. They argue that disorganization characterizes the stewardship of the President leading the world’s most powerful nation. They feel that more attention should be given to demonstrating American leadership and resolve, instead of focusing largely on environmental policies.

The conversation around Biden’s leadership and the direction of American foreign policies under his administration seems divided, with some critics arguing that perceived gaffes shouldn’t overshadow policy measures. However, skeptics continue to question whether these administrative and personal missteps are symptoms of deeper systemic flaws. The apparent change in traditional American strength-projection through foreign policies to more environment-focused diplomacy is provoking divided opinions.

Ultimately, Biden’s administration will be judged based on their performance in the coming years. As the current American president, Biden is tasked with navigating the ship of state in treacherous global waters. One can only speculate about the outcomes; however, it is undeniable that America’s decisions have profound international impacts. Beyond focusing mainly on domestic environmental transformations, these decisions must strike a balance between embracing global environmental stewardship and effectively projecting American strength on the world stage.


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