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WATCH: Biden’s Embarrasses Himself on Stage During D-Day Performance

Biden’s Struggling Presence at D-Day Observance

Last week, international leaders congregated in the historical region of Normandy, France, recognizing the monumental 80th observance of the D-Day assault, an event that marked major strides towards liberating Europe from the clutches of a totalitarian regime. In the midst of these key figures was US President Joe Biden. Unlike the heroic and respect-commanding veterans present at the ceremony, the President seemed to falter in maintaining decorum at the event.

President Biden who is in his 80s, was seen making futile attempts to take a seat in an imaginary chair as he stood with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, alongside his French equivalent; an incident adding to a list of rather embarrassing moments. In contrast to our elderly state leader, French President Emmanuel Macron was present at the event radiating youth and vigor while engaging with the esteemed veterans in attendance.

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Continuing the parade of oddities, President Biden was then quickly ushered away by the First Lady after delivering a brief address. All while President Macron, embodying leadership with a robust spirit, never missed an opportunity to interact and have pleasant conversations with the distinguished veterans.

The event was not short of other noteworthy attendees. President Biden was in the company of a number of Legislative heads hailing from the United States, a list that included former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies of New York, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, along with several others.

In a move meant to pay his respects, President Biden took out some time before the proceeding to meet individually with American veterans to present them with appreciation coins. This was his way of expressing gratitude for their undying service and commitment to their nation.

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As he addressed the ceremony’s attendees, the president’s main talking points revolved around the ennobled men who stepped foot on the treacherous beaches to liberate the continent from dictatorship. His remarks were guided and aided by a teleprompter as he expressed his thoughts.

‘The feats accomplished here by the allies 80 years ago surpassed any unilateral effort. It was our unified strength that led us towards victory,’ Biden narrated, acknowledging the contribution made by these brave men.

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‘These men, with their audacious endeavors, knowing full well the possibility of death, became our heroes. They forged ahead, armed with the conviction that there are values and ideals worth laying down one’s life for – freedom, democracy, and the essence of America acting as their guiding lights. And this sense of valor and duty persists in the face of adversity, from then until now, and for time eternal,’ he elaborated.

Biden spoke highly of these brave souls, saying, ‘No, they became heroes not solely on account of their strength, toughness, or fearlessness. Rather, they received an audacious assignment, were fully aware of the potential fatal outcome, but pressed forward, nonetheless. Why? Because there are ideals that deserve our sacrifice. Freedom, democracy, the American way, and peace for the world at large. This philosophy stands, then, now, and always.’

In spite of giving a well-structured speech void of major errors, the shadows of age didn’t fail to cast their effects on Biden’s performance. Stark contrasts began to surface between him and the relatively youthful Macron, with the President’s old age and the French leader’s youthful vitality becoming more apparent with each passing moment.

As President Biden cautiously made his way from the ceremony, President Macron was observed sprinting towards the veterans in order to shake hands and exchange affable kisses with warm dignity. It became apparent to those observing the events of the day that American leadership seemed to lack the energy to engage even in the basic courtesies attached to the Presidency.

This occurrence might just serve as an alarm bell, a warning to the American electorate before they cast their votes come November at the ballot box. The evidence seems to speak for itself; it was clear that Biden is not only grappling with the heavy responsibility of Presidency, but also the everyday, simple human interactions that come with it.


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