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WATCH: Biden Tell His Most Obvious Lie Yet About Family Finances

Evidence Pointing to Biden’s Monetary Engagements Unveiled


The President, Joe Biden, on Wednesday was compelled to answer the pressing allegations about his deep-rooted involvement in his family’s financial exploits during his period as Vice President and subsequent service in the Obama administration.

This question arose following the expose laid out by Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee (Republican-KY), providing solid evidence that indicated Joe Biden received regular monetary transactions from a business entity, Owasco P.C., run by his son, Hunter.

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In an Associated Press poll which has captured significant attention, approximately 70% of Americans, that includes even 40% Democrats, believe Joe Biden has engaged unethically or committed outright illegality in his family business pursuits. The burning question from the media was aimed at understanding how he could justify to the American public his frequent engagements with his sons’ and brothers’ international business collaborators.

Rather than providing a straightforward explanation, Biden’s response was a cryptic refusal to speak along the line, swiftly dismissing these allegations as unfounded lies. However, this response stands sharply against the backdrop of progressively mounting tangible evidence.

Chairman Comer publicized to the House Oversight Committee the subpoenaed bank documents indicating direct, consistent money transfers from Hunter Biden’s business, Owasco P.C., to Joe Biden. This drill of payments did not spring from Hunter Biden’s personal account, but notably, from the establishment’s account, which had reportedly received funds from China and other dubious sources worldwide.

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Interestingly, the very same business entity, Owasco P.C., owned by Hunter Biden, is currently under the scrutiny of the Department of Justice on the grounds of potential tax evasion and implication in other serious offences. A curious connection that very notionally affects the President himself.

Further unveiling a potential cover-up scenario, a whistleblower’s statement shed light on the attempts by the Justice Department to dissuade inquiry leads from probing further into Joe Biden. One must be left wondering, what was the motive in doing so?

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The revelations kept unfolding as the courageous IRS whistleblowers refused to keep silent and a federal judge turned down the lenient plea bargain. The flow of payments from Hunter’s business organization, Owasco P.C., to Joe Biden, now feature in an unsettling pattern of a deep-family engagement in the manipulation of power and influence for personal gain.

The Republican Chairman Comer further asserts this by stating that when Joe Biden held the Vice President’s office, he engaged in conversation, dined, and had casual coffee meetings with his son’s foreign business contacts. Not stopping there, he also facilitated in his son’s business trips using Air Force Two on numerous occasions to further the ‘Biden’ brand reach globally.

Indeed, Chairman Comer remains at the leading edge of this probe into President Biden. The Chairman went as far as threatening Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress should he fail to comply with a mandatory subpoena that orders him to appear before Congress in the coming week.

Meanwhile, as the possible impeachment inquiry starts to gain momentum around Biden, the responses from the White House are spiralling towards growing desperation. The nature and outcomes of the impeachment inquiry remain to be seen but the brewing political storm promises controversy and intrigue.

In the face of repeated inquiries and compelling evidence, the President’s strategy seems to be to remain firm in denial. However, avoiding these challenging questions and allegations might only serve to fuel skepticism in light of ongoing investigations and impeachment proceedings.

In the midst of all this, it’s essential to remember the importance of transparency and accountability in public service. With mounting claims, the credibility of the President and his family’s business dealings are inescapably on trial.

In the absence of a straightforward explanation from the President, the public is left to conjecture his role and the veracity of the claims against him amidst this political turmoil. As a result, every new piece of evidence and every testimony takes on a heightened significance.

The political scene continues to buzz with these allegations, adding to the sense of urgency regarding the President’s possible impeachment. If the President is indeed guilty as charged, such allegations would mark a severe breach of public trust.

In this atmosphere of skepticism and intrigue, the President and his alleged involvement with his family’s business dealings have unquestionably ignited a highly charged political climate. And while the White House’s reactions are becoming increasingly frantic, all eyes are on the impending impeachment inquiry.

As the political saga continues to unfold, the American people await a satisfactory explanation from their President. At the heart of this controversy lies a major question about the President’s ethics and legality, a question that remains lingering with rather troublesome implications.


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