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WATCH: Biden Goes Viral After Looking Lost and Confused After Plane Landing 

Disturbing Signs? Biden’s Recent Behavior Raises Eyebrows


There was quite a stir on social media this past Friday, as President Biden held a speech in Pennsylvania and later exhibited what some have labelled ‘confused’ behaviour after landing in Delaware.

Subsequent to his visit to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a considerable amount of cynicism was drawn by the actions and statements of the 81-year-old President as he spoke and after his homecoming in Delaware where he is resting on weekend.

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The President spent considerable minutes of his time directing criticisms at Donald Trump, the former President who maintains an extensive lead over the Republican presidential primary contenders, along with a group he labeled Trump’s ‘mob’ of followers.

Taking place at the Friday-night oration near Valley Forge, President Biden alleged that Trump attempted to ‘seize history in a manner akin to his effort to confiscate the election.’ He then went on to pronounce that the conclusion of the 2020 election demonstrated that Trump was a ‘loser.’

Post-oration, the First Lady Jill Biden rapidly came to the platform and embraced the President, thereafter holding his hand and guiding him offstage. The couple seemed to exchange a few words among themselves, but the specifics of their conversation were not discernible due to the camera angles at play.

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Following his wife’s hug, Biden reapproached the microphone, speaking over the overhead speakers, even as the exit music played. His last words were, ‘I comprehend power. I am deeply appreciative to each of you,’ before he gradually departed from the platform.

Social media resonated with this occurrence, as one user remarked that Jill Biden aided President Biden to ‘depart the stage after his oration, in case he becomes lost, confused, or incurs a fall.’

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Post-oratory, the President headed to Delaware via Marine One to spend the weekend. As he descended from the helicopter and started to walk, a few observers remarked on the President’s odd behavior. ‘The President seems severely disoriented post a 32-minute oration and two weeks of leisure, upon arrival in Delaware,’ remarked RNC Research, a handle managed by the Republican National Committee, on a certain platform.

The same incident was shared by commentator Benny Johnson on this platform, with the notation ‘Biden is lost again.’

Biden, who celebrated his 78th birthday shortly prior to his inauguration in January 2021, has confronted continual queries regarding his fitness to serve and mental sharpness. A recent poll conducted by NBC implied that 59% of eligible voters have ‘significant worries’ about his physical and mental health as he contemplates a second term. Additionally, 27% have ‘moderate’ or ‘minor’ concerns.

During a segment on ‘FOX & Friends Weekend’ in November, Brennan Gorman, an Independent voter, shared his views on why Biden’s age might be an obstacle for his campaign and America as a whole. ‘He demonstrates several concerns in terms of physical and cognitive abilities. Moreover, it proves challenging for him to resonate with the younger generation. Despite our voting population becoming increasingly youthful, the elected representatives seem to be growing older,’ he opined.

The NBC poll revealed that, compared to the 48% who said the same about Trump, a whopping 76% of voters concurred that Biden is ‘too old’ for a second tenure. Such an outlook was reinforced by Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, who served as the White House physician under Presidents Obama and Trump, and has repeatedly voiced his unease about Biden’s health and cognitive status.

Jackson suggested, ‘I’ve been cautioning since he was a contender, that I was skeptical about him having the cognitive capacity to perform this role effectively,’ during an interview on ‘FOX & Friends.’

Jackson stressed that Biden has ‘downgraded’ over the previous three years. He claimed, ‘He’s surrounded by individuals who wrongly motivate him to continue running for office. This raises their own profiles and benefits their careers. Yet, our border controls, international conflicts, our economy, all currently in disarray. He is simply not equipped to meet these challenges. Every day it becomes more evident that he is no longer capable of executing his role.’

In conclusion, while the country continues to face myriad challenges, some citizens and policymakers openly question President Biden’s capability to lead effectively. Regardless of one’s political stance, these concerns highlight the need for an ongoing, nuanced discussion about leadership, age, and mental acuity.


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