WATCH: Biden Gaffes as he Announces Run for President

Biden Mumbles Incoherencies in His Interview When Asked About Presidency Run


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WASHINGTON — On Monday, President Biden, whose mental acuity has been a subject of debate, declared he was “planning on” pursuing re-election next year, despite not being prepared to kick off his campaign just yet. Mr. Biden’s intentions for the 2024 election have been shrouded in uncertainty for months, as his top aides have been discreetly putting together campaign strategies, although the president himself has not come to a final decision.


During the White House Easter egg roll, Al Roker of NBC News asked the seemingly forgetful Mr. Biden if he had plans to remain in the White House beyond 2024. The president responded, “I’m planning on running, Al,” but added that they were not ready to make an official announcement at this point.


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In this video below, Biden has another one of his moments where you can’t really make sense of what he’s saying. Making many of the people wonder if he should in fact run again. These are his words “”Well, I’ll either, I’ll eith… I’ll either be rolling egg or, uh, being the, the gu… you know, the guy who’s pushing them out.” WATCH HERE

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The White House has repeatedly stated that Biden “intends to run,” but they have not offered any specific timeline for launching the campaign. The delay is not surprising, considering Mr. Biden’s tendency to procrastinate, as evidenced by the late start of his 2020 campaign in April 2019, which came well after other major contenders had already entered the race.

In contrast, President Barack Obama started his 2012 re-election campaign in April 2011, having already chosen Charlotte, North Carolina, as the host city for the 2012 Democratic National Convention and announced that his campaign headquarters would be in Chicago once again. President Biden, however, has yet to make such critical decisions.


Officials have indicated that the selection of the 2024 convention site could happen at any moment, with Atlanta, Chicago, and New York being the top contenders. The campaign headquarters is expected to be located in either Philadelphia, where Mr. Biden’s 2020 campaign was based, or Wilmington, Delaware, where the president has a home he frequently visits on weekends, perhaps to rest and recuperate.

Interestingly, Mr. Biden is likely to encounter only limited opposition in the Democratic primary, despite polling data suggesting that the majority of Democrats would prefer if he did not seek re-election in 2024, possibly due to concerns about his age and mental sharpness.




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