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WATCH: Biden Freezes During Remarks About Russian Leader Aleksey Navalny’s Death

Another Public Display of Biden’s Unfit Mental Health


On Friday, President Joe Biden addressed the press regarding the unfortunate passing of Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny. Seizing the moment, Biden pivoted to urge House Republicans to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression, while also taking aim at Trump’s recent comments on NATO. However, Biden’s message was once again eclipsed by a concerning moment of cognitive lapse, where he stalled for nearly ten seconds, struggling to gather his thoughts.

In his address, Biden remarked, “Reports of Navalny’s demise, if confirmed, are deeply concerning. While Russian authorities may spin their narrative, let there be no doubt: Putin bears responsibility for Navalny’s fate. His plight serves as yet another testament to Putin’s tyrannical rule. We must not be misled.”

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Earlier in the day, the Russian Federal Prison Service disclosed that Navalny, a vocal critic of Putin, fell ill during a stroll and subsequently collapsed while serving a lengthy sentence in a Siberian facility. Despite appearing robust in a recent court appearance via video link, Navalny couldn’t be revived once medical assistance arrived.

The Biden administration had previously warned of dire repercussions should Navalny perish in custody, a sentence he commenced in January 2021. When pressed on potential actions against Russia, Biden cited existing sanctions and the toll of the conflict, asserting that his administration is exploring various responses to Navalny’s untimely demise.

During his discourse, which extended for approximately ten minutes, Biden shifted focus to his political adversary, condemning Trump’s past rhetoric that appeared to condone Russian aggression toward NATO allies. Biden lamented, “We must all denounce the reckless remarks made by my predecessor, which seemed to embolden Russia to threaten our NATO partners over financial contributions. Suggesting that failing to meet financial obligations warranted Russian intervention is utterly unacceptable.”

Following a brief pause, Biden remarked, “Pardon the interruption as I collect my thoughts here, but it’s crucial to exercise restraint.”

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As previously highlighted by the DC Enquirer, an ABC News/Ipsos survey conducted from February 9-10 revealed that 86 percent of Americans believe Biden’s age renders him unsuitable for another presidential term. Today’s episode underscores growing concerns about his fitness for prolonged leadership.

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