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WATCH: Alina Habba Says There Is No Way for a Fair Trial in NYC for Trump

Habba: No Fair Trial in Deep-Blue New York for Republican Candidate

On a recent Tuesday, attorney to the former POTUS, Alina Habba was speaking on Newsmax’s notable show, Eric Bolling: The Balance. Her central theme was the infeasibility of holding a fair trial for the likely Republican candidate in the heavily Democratic New York City. This as the erstwhile 45th president has to hold his ground against Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney’s suspiciously timed hush-money charges.

Habba presented a ruggedly clear picture. In her words, ‘Ideally one would hope for a bipartisan, fair courtroom, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that we are in a politically saturated environment, particularly in this deep-blue state.’ Habba voiced out the concerns held by many about the preeminence of political leanings over truth and justice.

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‘Listen, this isn’t some random act,’ Habba stated in no uncertain terms. She cited more examples, ‘Similar instances are cropping up across Washington and Georgia. These locations aren’t coincidental.’ Habba insinuated a nefarious design that transcended casual political jousting and tread on the dangerous path of agenda-driven justice.

She went on to point out a glaring commonality between various locations – the prosecutors all seem to have ties to powerful financiers of left-wing causes, most notably George Soros. ‘This is not about preserving the Constitution or upholding law and order. It’s about systematically dismantling it. And it’s happening squarely under our noses,’ she continued, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Habba didn’t mince words when it came to revealing the underbelly of the entire theatrical rigmarole. It was, as she put it, ‘plain and simple election interference.’ Hence, Habba reiterated how external hands are meddling in what should ideally be neutral spaces, piercing through the bubbles of institutional trust.

The attorney further added, ‘The legal parades around these paltry civil cases made me suspicious. Though now, my doubts have evaporated entirely. The audacity of going ahead with an 8-year-old case that clearly oversteps the statute of limitations, in New York of all places, is not only regrettable but glaringly apparent.’ As she rightly points out, the very idea of a case being entertained beyond its statute of limitations is unheard of.

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Habba’s sentiments aren’t singular in the legal community. These unorthodox actions have caught the attention of legal scholars countrywide, raising eyebrows and suspicions alike. The DC Enquirer has cited Constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz’s concerns aired last March on the National Desk.

‘The essence of our judicial system isn’t to be used as a weapon,’ stated Dershowitz. Referring to the impending indictment, he added, ‘It is lamentably a gloomy day for justice. Based on the information so far, this case seems far from robust, to say the least.’ As the trial unfolds, only time will tell the truth of Dershowitz’s deductions.

Fortunately, the valiant spirit of the Constitution still manages to reside in the heart of America. Undeterred by the unfounded accusations, Trump still stands tall. His prospects of returning to power in the 2024 presidential race are stronger than ever. The Real Clear Politics averages indicate that the once mighty leader is regaining favor amongst the masses; he is outshining current President Joe Biden in recent nationwide polling.

The unique aspect of the Republican presidential race is the popular votes versus electoral vote paradox. The Republican candidate can afford to lose some ground in the popular vote, while still winning the presidency, a feat done successfully in 2000 and 2016. The 2024 race could witness a similar phenomenon.

The forthcoming elections in 2024 offer a plenitude of prospects for the GOP, provided they strategize their communication effectively. A well-disseminated and resonating message critiquing the current ‘America Last’ policies of the Biden administration could work wonders.

The outcome of the race hinges on how well the Republican Party can rally its base around a cohesive and effective agenda. The party must champion ideas that appeal to the core values of Americans – life, liberty and the pursuit of collective happiness.

The future trajectory of America might very well rest on this election. It is not just about winning a political race; it’s about safeguarding the values that America stands for. The Republican Party should be well poised to seize this moment and guide the nation in the right direction.

As Republicans forge their way ahead, they have a significant opportunity to make a difference for the citizens. A forward-thinking political agenda coupled with a strong critique of the current administration’s inadequacies, could reshape the nation’s future.

America now stands at a critical juncture. The next Election could either steer it to its longstanding democratic traditions or lead it down a path of politically-driven jurisprudence, shaking the foundation of the Constitution.

The impending elections in 2024 will perhaps be among the most crucial in recent memory. The role of the Republican Party in providing a strong alternative to the Democratic-led governance cannot be overstated. The party’s ability to present an agenda that connects with Americans could very well decide the course that this great Nation will take.

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