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WATCH: Kai Cenat’s Event Leads to Injuries and Arrests in Union Square

Large Group Clashes with Police in Union Square Incident


In an unfortunate turn of events, Union Square in New York City witnessed a disturbing incident of violence on Friday afternoon.

The area became a chaotic scene as a large group of kids and teenagers, estimated to be around 1,000 individuals, gathered for a PlayStation giveaway organized by a social media influencer.

The New York City Police Department revealed that during this event, some police officers were injured as they faced an onslaught of bottles, rocks, and fireworks being hurled at them.

According to reports, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, known for his online presence, announced the giveaway on social media earlier that day.

The news quickly spread, and the park started filling up with eager participants. Perturbing footage captured during the incident demonstrates numerous individuals throwing bottles in the direction of the police officers, escalating the situation further.

Addressing the media, New York Police Chief Department Jeffrey Maddrey confirmed that multiple arrests were made and both law enforcement officials and members of the public suffered injuries. The gathering was declared unlawful due to the severity of the chaos that unfolded.

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Maddrey emphasized the role of social media in this incident, cautioning about its immense influence and the dangerous consequences that can arise from it.

To contain the escalating situation, the police invoked level four mobilization protocols, making extensive use of loudspeakers to disperse the crowd.

Commands were issued, clearly stating that the gathering was deemed unlawful and individuals present were required to disband immediately. Additionally, footage from the incident captured that the social media influencer, Cenat, swiftly exited from a van and fled the scene.

The chaos at Union Square Park became even more distressing as people were seen climbing atop a moving vehicle, pounding on the side of a city bus, and causing significant damage.

The incident took a toll on the law enforcement vehicles too, with one police car displaying broken windows.

Maddrey informed the public that the influencer was in custody, and authorities were considering potential legal actions to address the situation.

Offering further insight, Paul Mauro, an attorney and former NYPD inspector, suggested that the social media influencer, Cenat, might face liability for the consequences that unfolded.

Mauro highlighted the importance of proper communication with the police and obtaining necessary permits for such events.

Failure to do so, especially in cases like this where the outcome resulted in widespread consequences, could potentially hold the influencer accountable.

It is important to note that this story continues to develop, and updates will be provided as new information emerges.


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