VIDEO: Independent Journalist ATTACKED at Beto O’Rourke event

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Tayler Hansen tweeted out that he confronted Beto O’Rourke at a rally in Dallas.

“I asked him if he would Disavow surgery for trans kids” – He said

“In response, I was Chocked by his supporters and thrown to the ground. They pulled me backwards over someone in a wheel chair” – He continued

He also went on to tweet ” In response to me being thrown on the ground Beto called me an “asshole” and completely ignored the fact that his supporters were the ones who dragged me over the woman in a wheelchair.”

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He went on to say that his mic was broken after being dragged out by the Beto Supporter.

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We would like to be clear, after reviewing the footage we can not say this this wasn’t unprovoked like we seen by antifa in the past.

As Beto was speaking on stage, Tayler Hansen then went up to confront Beto (mid speech).

Tayler is then seen extending his microphone to Beto to answer a question, while Beto was speaking to a crowd.

What Tayler did was not proper etiquette to confront a politician or any human in general.

It seemed totally within the crowd’s rights to drag him away from harassing the politician.

The police officer who was there, who witnessed it, said it “Wasn’t Assault”

Before watching the footage, ask yourself “if this happened at a Trump rally, and Trump supporters did this to a Leftist freak who tried to run up on Trump as he was on stage, would your reaction to this be any different?”

If Tayler was “Just there” in the crowd and was attacked, this would have been a way different situation, but what was Tayler expecting? to join Beto on stage in a debate during his speech? Maybe this would have been a great question to ask if there was a Q and A section. It appears he did this purely for clout points, and it worked.

To be clear; none of us at Merica! Now are on the Left in any way shape or form, our main concern is honesty. We want to report relevant news to you and give honest breakdowns.


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