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Utah Senator Calls for Thorough Examination of Jan 6 Committee’s Operations After Footage Surfaces

Selection Bias in Jan 6 Investigations? Senator Lee Puts Cheney and Kinzinger on Notice


Senator Mike Lee from Utah, a distinguished Republican, has voiced the urgent need for a comprehensive scrutiny of the discontinued committee that probed into the events of January 6. Lee indicts preceding and the incumbent lawmakers who were previously part of this committee of non-disclosure of certain video evidence concerning the chaos at the Capitol building.

This response comes on the heels of the release of substantial footage of the disturbances that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, by House Speaker Mike Johnson, also from the Republican Party whose base is Louisiana.

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In the wake of these revelations, Lee urged a critical evaluation of the behaviors and decisions of former representatives Liz Cheney from Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger from Illinois, both known Republicans.

Lee questioned why Cheney and Kinzinger never made public or referenced any content from these reels in contention. He suspects that they may not have even expended due effort in seeking this documentation, or perhaps they didn’t bother assessing their presumptions.

Lee established, in a subsequent social platform post, that these representatives may have been preoccupied with cherry-picking text messages of particular Republicans with the sole aim of undermining them.

He shared a clip that allegedly showed the Capitol law enforcement personnel permitting protestors to make their way through the building on that day in history.

Cheney and Kinzinger were tagged by Lee in another post as individuals complicit in concealing the January 6 footage. In his view, they are no different from those urging a renewal of FISA section 702 without making any necessary improvements. His argument here is that obtaining search warrants should not be seen as an overbearing task that needs circumventing.

A subsequent statement from Lee urged a thorough examination of the January 6 committee’s operations. He cast a critical glance over the committee in its entirety, as well as then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat representative from California, who was responsible for creating the committee to explore the occurrences of January 6, 2021, at the Capitol.

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Lee expressed skepticism over one of Pelosi’s posts and the established narrative of the committee. He further questioned Pelosi and the January 6 committee about the possible extent of the evidence neglection and the potential destruction of footage and other relevant records given this current revelation.

In response to a post made by Cheney, which incorporated a video of visibly displeased protestors in conflict with the Capitol police, Lee expressed his dissatisfaction. He commented that the public had been exposed repeatedly to such scenes while other aspects of the incident were purposely kept hidden, causing great concern among the public.

Lee, in replying to the former legislator, asked rhetorically about the number of these protestors that were federal agents, although he held little hope that Cheney would disclose such information. He audaciously criticized the committee probing January 6 by labeling it a ‘sham’ that was paid for by the hard-working American taxpayers.

Taking to social media, Lee highlighted an additional piece of video evidence, which featured a seeming police officer at the Capitol during the January 6 catastrophe. This officer, who seemed unhandcuffed, released a protestor who reciprocated the officer’s actions with a fist bump to another nearby law enforcement officer.

Reacting to this clip, Lee asserted his unprecedented encounter of such a scenario in the Capitol building despite daily frequents. His statement reveals his disbelief at what transpired within those walls on that fateful day, as opposed to the normalcy he experiences during daily ventures.

Regarding the decision to make the remaining video footage public, Speaker Johnson released a statement. He reminded the public of his previous pledge, made during his run for Speaker, to unveil the footage captured on security cameras on Capitol Hill on that monumental day, January 6, 2021. Johnson emphasized that freedom of information and truth are of utmost importance.

Limited footage that formed part of this stash was disseminated publicly on a recent Friday. However, Johnson expressed that the majority of these documents will be shared incrementally over a certain period, indicating a commitment to transparency.

Explaining his decision to publish the remaining footage, Johnson believes this will facilitate a broad spectrum of American citizens, legal defendants, public interest organizations, and media outlets to pierce through autonomous interpretations of a select group of government officials and witness the happenings of that day independently.

Approximately 5% of this footage, however, is expected to be withheld due to issues relating to the building’s sensitive architectural information. Johnson also added that there will be certain visual edits, including blurring of faces to safeguard individuals from becoming targets of unintended retaliation.

This long-awaited footage will be accessible via the House Administration Committee’s subcommittee on Oversight. Johnson’s move speaks to an era where citizens can construct their own narratives and form opinions grounded in transparency and truth, rather than leaning on meta-narratives spun by a handful of officials.


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