Rep. Cammack Proposes Banning Foreign Flags On House Floor

U.S. Over Ukraine: GOP Seeks to Limit Flag Displays to Star-Spangled Banner

A movement led by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) among GOP representatives is gaining traction aimed at preventing the exhibition or carrying of foreign flags within the House floor.

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The push for this ban arose in response to an incident where members of the Democratic party displayed miniature Ukrainian flags to endorse the passing of a significant foreign aid package. The package, valued at $95 billion, intended to provide a substantial $61 billion to assist Ukraine in its conflict against Russia while also supporting other regional partners.

Cammack expressed her position firmly: ‘In the assembly hall designated for the representatives of the United States of America, the single flag that should be flying is our own. It is in that space that we deliberate and take decisive stands in favor of our citizens and the fruitful utilization of taxes collected from them.’

She continued expressing her conviction, stating, ‘Every resolution we make should take place beneath the unique symbol of our nation – our Star-Spangled Banner – a reminder of those we serve and the reason we consider our nation superior to all others in the world’s history. I’m immensely grateful for and proud of the colleagues who’ve voiced their agreement and joined me in raising our voices for the American people, pledging ourselves to our nation’s cause above all else.’

If this resolution is ratified, no member would retain the right to bring or exhibit any foreign nation’s flag on the floor during the House’s sessions. The mandate of enforcing this ban would fall on the House sergeant-at-arms. However, this resolution allows a pair of exemptions: members permitted to adorn their lapels with pins exemplifying foreign flags, and foreign flags portrayed as part of exhibits or speeches by members, as consistent with House rules.

Whether this resolution will be put to a vote remains undetermined. However, Cammack’s office has revealed that the resolution has already attracted numerous co-sponsors during its inception. Among those voicing their solid support are representatives Stephanie Bice (R-OK) and Byron Donalds (R-FL).

Bice expressed her firm stance on the matter through a statement. ‘The assembly hall of the United States representatives serves a single entity and a common cause – the United States of America. It is fundamentally unfitting for a Member to exhibit any other flag within this space, barring our own. The initiative taken by Rep. Cammack on this issue deserves appreciation.’

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Donalds admonished those politicians detached from reality who recklessly approved a colossal sum of taxpayers’ money going out to Ukraine. The Congressman also took a strong stance in solidarity with Rep. Cammack’s endeavor to ensure that such uncalled-for actions never repeat, reinforcing his commitment to prioritizing American citizens.


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