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U.S. Capitol Police Arrest Man with AR-15 in Vicinity of Capitol Building

Capital Security Takes No Chances: Gunman Arrested Near Union Station


Yesterday afternoon, law enforcement officials apprehended a man discovered in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol building with a firearm. The man was situated in his vehicle close to Union Station, a landmark edifice in Washington, D.C., cradling an AR-15.

The arrest was initiated by U.S Capitol Police, in response to this security situation opposite Union Station. The captured individual was found to be armed, bringing a level of alarm to an otherwise peaceful afternoon in the nation’s capital.

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The authorities have reassured the citizens that the situation is now under control. As of the time of the arrest, there were no indications to suggest an immediate or ongoing threat to the general public. The focus currently is on the collation and analysis of detailing surrounding the incident.

The U.S. Capitol Police, while maneuvering through the unfolding situation, ensured to keep everyone updated. They put out a timely statement to allay arising fears shortly before 1 p.m., when the arrest had been effected.

In the statement, the police did not mince words in letting the public know that an arrest had been made. Furthermore, it was announced that there was no known enduring danger post this occurrence. Further specifics were promised as soon as they obtained confirmation on all relevant facts.

The addendum to this news was that the weapon in question had been identified as an AR-15. This was confirmed to Fox News in an update from Capitol Police. According to them, the individual now in their custody was the owner of the said firearm.

The gripped man’s identity remains under wraps. Nevertheless, the belief currently held by the law enforcement agencies is that this man was likely acting on his own. No indications of a wider network, conspiracy, or plot have been unearthed so far.

This incident stirred quite a bit of activity within the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol. To manage the situation prudently, the police proceeded to institute some changes to the normal flow of traffic in the proximal area.

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Due to the day’s unprecedented security situation, changes were made to the regular circulation around the U.S Capitol. The police, in response to the incident, announced certain road closures to ensure public safety while smoothing the investigative process.

These traffic changes affected Columbus Circle amidst its interstices with Louisiana and Delaware Avenues, in the Northeastern region. The barricading was necessitated for the safety of pedestrians and to conduct a thorough inspection rebounding off the incident.

D Street was similarly impacted due to the now escalated police activity. The stretch between Louisiana and Delaware Avenues, also in the Northeast quadrant, was shut to regular commuting. The detour was aimed at creating a secure perimeter.


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