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US Border Patrol Catches 50 From Terror Watchlist Amid Soaring Migrant Crossings

Revised Statistics Reveal Terror Suspects Among Southern Border Crossings

Revised statistics released on Friday revealed that 50 individuals identified on the terror watchlist were detained by Border Patrol officers between October and December. During the same timeframe, the total volume of migrant crossings at our southern border was reported to exceed 785,000. Of this figure, over 629,000 were identified as illegal entries as indicated by the same data.

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Federal authorities issued warnings to the Border Patrol following the Oct. 7 terrorist assault on Israel. These warnings emphasized the potential entry of terrorists affiliated with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah into the United States via the southern border. The source of this vital information was an internal memo that was exclusively procured by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Historical data going back to 2017 highlights the intensity of such scenarios. Between fiscal years 2017 and 2020, there were 30 interactions with individuals on the terror watchlist as per Border Patrol encounters. However, the latter situation escalated in fiscal year 2023, where the encounters soared to 172.

Such confrontations with individuals on the terror watchlist are rare instances, shedding light on the crucial duties of CBP Agents and Officers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to fortifying our borders with a blend of highly skilled manpower, state-of-the-art monitoring systems on land and air, and efficient intelligence and information sharing networks. This is a testament to the endeavors of CBP while handling encounters with individuals who find their names on the terror watchlist.

Instances of individuals linked to terrorism attempting to cross the border are not exclusively confined to the southern edge. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported a scenario in December where an Iranian national, suspected to be tied to terrorism, was expelled after he made unsuccessful attempts to enter the United States via the northern border twice.

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Persons on the SDS watchlist who are caught by the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) illegally entering our country are treated in accordance with the CBP policy. They are detained and, whenever feasible, removed, or they can also be handed over to another governmental law enforcement agency for subsequent imprisonment or pertinent legal action.

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