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Blinken’s Visit to China Could Eventually Mean World War III

Gordon Chang Warns the US Against Cooperation with China Due to its Totalitarian Regime


Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, met with Chinese state officials on Monday and discussed a need for establishing military-to-military communications. Despite this repeated request for cooperation, foreign policy expert Gordon Chang has stressed that America should not enter into negotiations or any kind of cooperation with China.

Chang has reminded us that China is a totalitarian state where the military doesn’t answer to the state, but instead, it reports its activities directly to Xi Jinping.

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Chang expressed his concern that Jinping could take an unconventional approach towards global conflict, leading to war in many different parts of the world at the same time.

He went as far as citing the possibility of World War III, resulting from military conflict in North Africa, China, and Russia. Although President Biden is trying to prevent war by taking actions towards improving relations with China, Chang suggests that Biden is not doing enough to adequately address unacceptable Chinese aggression.

Chang referred to Biden’s comments as ‘communist party talking points’ and argued that the President was not elected to support China over American interests. According to Chang, Jinping is currently facing an economic crisis and may view war as his only option to rally his people.

Chang emphasized that the United States needs to make it clear that it will defend itself and its allies and partners, impose an unacceptable cost on any Chinese aggression, and let them know they mean business.

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Chang believes that Biden’s efforts to prevent war, with the best intentions, could actually accelerate it due to a lack of clear communication to China.

On the other hand, Blinken has emphasized the need for competition to avoid turning into conflict. Chang disagrees and thinks Jinping will not see competition as an approachable way to operate. He warns that Jinping would desire to gain new territories from his neighbouring countries.

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However, we are not understanding Jinping’s approach to the world or the domestic incentives working under him puts us under the risk of military actions.

The entire world must remember that China is a totalitarian state. If negotiations broke down, and America enters into an all-out war with China, it will be catastrophic for the world. It is critical that the United States takes appropriate steps to prevent such a catastrophic event.

Until then, the United States should remember that conflict or cooperation with China should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, keeping American and global interests in mind.

The Chinese military’s recent activity indicates that it is not following ethical means to achieve its objectives. The energy pressure on its neighbours originating from those activities demonstrates China’s negligence of international norms.

It could lead to military or economic action,’ as pointed by Bill Paczkowski, the retired senior defence intelligence analyst at the American intelligence agency in 2019.

Paczkowski’s comment highlights that only by challenging China’s aggression and unethical military activities can the U.S maintain international norms and ensure that other countries follow those norms.

The U.S needs to start imposing strict regulations on China’s exports to the United States and other western countries. As we all know, China’s economy has been built on exports, and by slowing down the Chinese economy, America could force China to act more ethically.

Politicians must be proactive in protecting national security interests, ensuring China’s commitment to international human rights, and ensuring that China adheres to ethical trade standards.

An economic embargo could push the Chinese leadership to consider changing its behaviours. It could even lead to Jinping’s downfall if he cannot address China’s economic issues alone. The United States must make it clear to China that its aggressive economic tactics threaten its national security interests.

America should continue to push for economic reforms in China and attempt to negotiate fair trade deals that aren’t detrimental to American jobs and industries. The U.S needs to unite with like-minded countries to encourage China to participate in international trade fairly.

America and its allies should continue to investigate China’s aggressive expansion into Africa and assist African countries in their fight against China.

The United States should also scrutinize China’s telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies for national security reasons. If the U.S lacks regulations, China’s military could leverage Huawei Technologies for its unethical activities.

China’s competition and aggression against Taiwan and Hong Kong are also a cause for concern. The United States should continue to assist Taiwan by providing military support and should demand China to maintain Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The U.S should express its concerns about China’s behaviour in the South China Sea and make it clear that any aggression will be countered with robust military force.

While creating checks on China’s aggressive behaviour, the United States should exercise caution to prevent a military conflict with China.

Ultimately, a peaceful solution to America’s differences with China is ideal. However, the U.S should make it clear that it won’t tolerate China’s aggressive behaviour and show China the necessary path for fairness in international trade and ethical diplomacy.

America must also recognise the ethical, responsible Chinese citizens trying to stand for their rights, promote human rights, and provide a counterbalance to China’s current government’s brutal activities.

Blinken’s directives for cooperation and communication between China and the U.S are reasonable steps towards keeping peace between both nations. However, it is crucial that the U.S also recognise the ethical Chinese citizens and support their cause.

In conclusion, China’s unethical behaviour threatens American interests globally. Countries must band together and confront China’s aggressive behaviour legally and ethically. The U.S must continue to use its position as a world power and gather the aid of its allies in standing up to China’s unethical tactics.

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This will send a message to China’s president and leadership that the world is watching, and China must tread carefully to maintain healthy relations.

In hindsight, it might have been better for the U.S to ignore China’s rise and hope that it takes an ethical approach towards international standards. However, the world now sees China’s aggressive behaviour and unethical tactics.

In conclusion, America and the world must take appropriate action to ensure that China does not cause global chaos and destabilization.


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