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Jesse Watters: ‘We Have To Vote’ Biden ‘Out’

Unyielding Watters Foresees Potential Biden Impeachment

Jesse Watters

Prominent television personality Jesse Watters seems steadfast in his support for ex-President Donald Trump, particularly in the backdrop of the present administration led by President Joe Biden faced with considerable challenges. The American economy strained by rising inflation, dwindling financial security for many citizens, and ongoing unauthorized migration trends, are among dominant topics highlighted. Watters, celebrated for his platform on ‘The Five’, voiced his stance on his recent show after a contentious convening of the House Oversight Committee.

A key element of these deliberations revolved around Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of the Biden family. Bobulinski has frequently reiterated that President Biden showed compelling engagement in his son Hunter Biden’s alleged use of international business connections in countries including Russia and China. Despite dissenting voices stating lack of credible proof, Watters stands resolute on revelations and anticipates continued explorations into the matter.

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‘A lack of evidence’ is the common refrain from both critics and news outlets alike, keeping the matter under wraps for a considerable period, quipped Watters. Looking forward, he believes that a prospective Trump victory come next November could lead to quite an upheaval. Discovering undisclosed international assets belonging to Joe Biden, in his estimation, could become a surprising outcome of this shift.

Watters continued his commentary with, ‘There’s still an anticipation for credit card records from various financial institutions. And let’s not forget about the overseas accounts that have been hinted at by IRS informants, which seem to be safeguarded by the Department of Justice. With a potential change in administration, we may just see these accounts come to light, regardless of contrary narratives and outlooks.’

His prediction further extends to a possible legal plight for Biden. ‘Should Trump ultimately secure another term, and offshore details of Biden come to surface, it could, controversially, see an aging figure struggling with memory, neck-deep in a trial,’ Watters suggested. He also drew attention to a scenario where Biden secures reelection and the GOP retains House control, making impeachment a possible process on the horizon.

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Amidst all these possibilities, Watters emphasized that it all hinges primarily on public belief. The prevalent narrative around alleged Biden corruption, he contends, must influence voter behavior. ‘Almost everyone bears the belief in Biden’s corruption. The resolve to vote him out, however, remains to be seen,’ he said.

Fast forward to August 2023, New York Representative Elise Stefanik, the leading figure of the House Republican Conference, has drawn attention to an ‘indicting image’ in the course of the GOP’s active effort to uncover claimed evidence of supposed corruption linked to President Biden and his family.

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Stefanik cited a revealing snapshot of Vice President Biden onboard Air Force Two in the presence of a key advisor, previously linked to Hunter Biden. The advisor in question, Amos Hochstein, now serves as Biden’s special presidential coordinator. The discovery reveals an encounter between Hochstein and Biden en-route to a meeting with Ukrainian leadership in December 2015.

Hochstein, it appears, had been in connection with Hunter Biden during his tenure at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy firm where Hunter held a board position. Evidence of their interaction is substantiated via email records previously published by Fox News. The timing of this convening coincided with then VP Biden’s contentious ultimatum to the Ukraine government regarding a billion-dollar aid withdrawal, contingent on the removal of chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

‘The unearthing of this incriminatory photo of Vice President Joe Biden communicating with Amos Hochstein while en-route to Ukraine offers potent evidence that Biden, along with his administration, were not only cognizant of Hunter’s questionable foreign partnerships but closely implicated,’ stated Stefanik, implying Biden’s close involvement during his stint as Vice President.

Upon deciphering this connection, Stefanik raised concerns about the implications of the image revelation. ‘This encounter aligns with the timeline where Hochstein was in touch with Hunter and his activities at Burisma. The indicting instance took place on Air Force Two, just prior to Biden’s renowned stand-off with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where he dangled a threat of aid withdrawal unless the Ukrainian investigator probing Burisma was dismissed.’

Stefanik didn’t mince words in her assertive closing remark. ‘All signs indicate a deep entanglement on part of Joe Biden. We, House Republicans, vow to delve into every aspect of the influence-exploitation scheme allegedly perpetrated by the Biden family,’ she committed.

To add on, Hochstein, previously contributing as the special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs during the Obama-Biden administration, was brought on as Biden’s special coordinator for global infrastructure and energy security in August 2021. Earlier this year, he was further assigned responsibilities as Biden’s special presidential coordinator.

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