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Trump Rally Packs 50,000 into a Community of Only 3,400

Trump’s Rally Astonishes Pickens: A Glimpse into 2024 Electoral Strength


This past weekend, the town of Pickens, South Carolina, experienced something extraordinary as the compelling Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, attracted an enormous assembly that dwarfed the town’s population.

Pickens, a petite community of approximately 3,400, was invigorated by an astounding influx of 50,000 supporters who joined the rally or thronged the proximate streets.

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Local law enforcement, led by Police Chief Randal Beach, oversaw the peaceful gathering. Though exact numbers were challenging to determine amidst the sea of spectators, Chief Beach estimated the rally’s attendance somewhere in the range of 50,000 to 55,000 enthusiastic supporters.

Such an exceptional turnout was instrumental in painting a vivid picture of the influence wielded by the former President.


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The strategic importance of South Carolina, known for its early presidential primary dates, renders it a must-stop for Republican contenders. However, the Trump rally overshadowed many previous campaign events with its sheer scale and voter enthusiasm.

This unparalleled mass gathering displayed the stronghold Trump maintains within 2024 polls and the Republican party at large.

The immense get-together marked a triumphant return of Trump’s hallmark large-scale rallies, reminiscent of previous election seasons. This monumental event virtually consumed Pickens’ charming Downtown and instilled vibrant energy into the heart of this quintessentially South Carolinian town.

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The rally was not short on fanfare, with many supporters travelling considerable distances to partake. Tennessee residents, Greg Pressley and his wife, Robin, undertook a three-hour journey to publicly support Trump, a candidate they’ve backed since his initial 2016 campaign.

For them, Trump is not just a leader but a symbol of sustaining what they believe America stands for.

Without mincing words, Greg Pressley expressed, ‘President Trump has made history with his leadership. His agenda, his demeanor, it’s absolutely worth standing behind. Our presence here underscores our wish to see him reclaim his rightful place in the highest office.’

Other notable Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, South Carolina’s own former Governor Nikki Haley, and Senator Tim Scott, have also held campaign events in the state.

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Yet none have evoked the enthusiasm witnessed at Trump’s rally.

Long time Trump supporter Shelley Fox, a resident of Spartanburg, expressed her unwavering loyalty towards the former president.

When asked whether she’d consider other contenders for the upcoming election, she stated unequivocally, ‘I wouldn’t hesitate to write his name on the ballot myself.’

The rally saw additional power speakers, including Senator Lindsey Graham and Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Evidently, the town of Pickens was vibrant with intensity, invigorated by the united voice of tens of thousands of Trump supporters.

Trump’s rampant success in South Carolina extends back to the 2016 Republican primary, where he emerged victorious with an impressive 32.5% of the vote, earning him all 50 of the state’s delegates. He outshone his counterparts, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both of whom bagged roughly 22%.

The notable turnout at this recent rally not only affirms Trump’s stronghold within the Republican Party but also signifies the unwavering support of his followers. The passionate participants have unequivocally expressed their wish to see him return to White House for a third stint.

While Trump’s campaign strategy for 2024 does appear somewhat distinct from his previous runs involving massive rallies across the nation, the recently-held rally in Pickens, South Carolina, symbolizes his enduring appeal.

This event marked his inaugural campaign rally in the early-voting state since January.

This was merely Trump’s second large-scale rally since he announced his 2024 candidacy—the first being in Waco, Texas, earlier this year. An initially planned outdoor rally in Iowa had to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

The former president appears to be taking a more targeted and intimate approach in this campaign cycle, focusing on minor events, thoughtful town halls, engaging media appearances, and cultivating relationships at grassroots politics.

However, he’s no stranger to multi-candidate events, as evidenced by events such as the recent Moms for Liberty gathering in Philadelphia.

Despite facing numerous legal hurdles, including an indictment in New York and federal charges related to retention of classified documents, Trump’s supporters remain unfazed.

Their unwavering support was evident from the advanced lineup for Trump’s rally that commenced a day prior to the event. The continued massive public support shows the unassailable positioning he holds within his party, irrespective of these investigations.


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