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Attorney for Epstein Victims Says Trump was the Most Cooperative When Questioned

Unveiled: Trump’s Significant Cooperation in Epstein Investigation


A multi-year inquiry, revolving around a late disreputable figure, Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted for illegal sexual activities with minors, brought to light some intriguing inputs from Donald Trump, as shared by an attorney involved in the case.

Bradley Edwards, a lawyer representing over 70 victims of Epstein’s heinous crimes, aired some important details regarding Trump’s contribution to his tireless quest for justice. A 2018 video interview, released by the Conscious Resistance Network, featured Edwards sharing his account of Trump’s cooperation during the investigation.

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The resilience and relentless effort of Edwards in pursuing Epstein’s case and bringing him to justice are universally recognized. In the video interview with Derrick Broze, the network’s founder, a point concerning Trump’s involvement was raised. A lawsuit against Trump, alleged to be on behalf of two former victims of Epstein was mentioned, which interestingly never reached trial and was dismissed prematurely. Edwards was prompted to share his insight into the authenticity of these allegations against Trump.

Edwards took a measured approach towards the question on Trump, disclosing, ‘The only experience I have had with President Trump is from 2009. Amid a profusion of subpoenas against numerous individuals, he alone took the initiative to engage in conversation and said ‘let’s talk, I’m open to spending as much time as needed, I’ll tell you what you need to know.’ Edwards reflected on this with apparent gratitude.

He found Trump to be extremely cooperative during the inquiry, providing valuable assistance and information without demonstrating any suspicious activity to signal his involvement in the despicable occurrences.

Edwards further commended Trump’s contribution, detailing, ‘His valuable insights corroborated with our information, bringing enormous help to our quest, eliminating the need for his deposition.’ A query was raised regarding Trump’s claim of banning Epstein from Mar-a-Lago, his private resort, for misconduct with young females. Edwards confirmed the validity of this assertion, stating that he had ‘undoubtedly heard about it.’ Epstein’s controversial figure remained the pivot of a long-standing lawsuit, which witnessed the unveiling of numerous related documents only recently.

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While the lawsuit against Epstein lingered, a court decided to unseal many documents pertinent to the case, as declared on a recent Wednesday. The decision, as described by the judge in a December letter, was rooted in the fact that the contents of these documents were already public knowledge. Looking into the first chunk of roughly 40 documents out of an estimated total of 250, a number of known individuals could be identified, marking their connection with Epstein and his case.

Among the prominent names figured in the documents were Trump, Britain’s Prince Andrew, renowned Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, and former President Bill Clinton. Despite the extensive list, the sole mention of Trump in these documents seemed to absolve him of any misconduct.

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Specifically, the documents didn’t provide any evidence to support the claim of Trump ever visiting Epstein’s personal residence or island. The testifying witness also refuted ever providing a ‘massage’ to Trump.

While these revelations seem to be soothing news for Trump, the documents cast a different light when it comes to Clinton. The documents point to Epstein making disturbing remarks about Clinton’s preferences, suggesting his inclination for ‘them young.’ These details originated from a defamation lawsuit that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims who has openly accused him and Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s confidant, of innumerable wrongful actions, filed against Maxwell in 2015. The resolution of the case has since been reached.

A testimony from Johanna Sjoberg, another victim who stood against Epstein, shed light on an episode from 2001. Taking place in Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, Sjoberg asserted in a 2016 deposition that she saw the Duke of York inappropriately placing his hand on her breast while she was on his lap. More alarming was her testimony about Epstein’s remarks on Clinton which were part of the same deposition.

Recounting Epstein’s words, Sjoberg testified, ‘Epstein, on one occasion, asserted that Clinton had a preference for young girls.’ Ironically, this was followed by reports of a ‘John Doe 36′ reference appearing multiple times throughout the released documents, which were speculated to be related to Clinton. Initial interpretations suggested that these identified mentions of Clinton resulted from Giuffre’s attempts in the early stages of the lawsuit to have Clinton testify against Maxwell and Epstein.

These references were understood to not aim at implicating Clinton in any wrongdoing. Instead, they were viewed as rooted in Giuffre’s efforts to have Clinton corroborate her testimony against the two prime accused. Following this, the exact nature of these Clinton mentions in the documents and their implications were intensely debated.

The whole episode surrounding Epstein’s case brought to light the horrific exploitation of numerous young victims. The painstaking pursuit of justice by Edwards and the cooperation he received from diverse quarters, including that from Trump, formed a significant part of this narrative.

Edwards’ revelations about his experiences in handling the Epstein case served as a valuable account in understanding the scope and complexities involved. More significantly, Trump’s contribution to his investigation added a unique dimension to the larger narrative, underscoring a key instance of meaningful cooperation in a deeply disturbing and challenging case.

The unveiling of the sealed documents about Epstein’s case marked an important development in the public understanding of the series of events and the individuals involved. The documents not only reveal the extent of the ill behaviours but also provide insights into the various high-profile individuals caught up in the spiral of Epstein’s life.

As more details and connections surfaced from these documents, the discourse around Epstein’s case remained riddled with questions, conjectures, and debates. While individuals like Trump seemed to be distanced from the immoral activities, the references to others like Clinton sparked heated discussions and inquiries.

The unsettling disclosures made in the Epstein case have underscored the urgent need for stringent safeguards against such egregious violation of human rights. The availabilities of justice and the course of truth, as revealed throughout this journey, highlighted the exceptional courage of the victims who dared to speak and the unyielding commitment of those who relentlessly sought justice.

This deep dive into Epstein’s case and the individuals associated with him is a stark reminder of the atrocities inflicted upon the susceptible. It exhibits the necessity for an endless pursuit of justice, affirming the importance of unwavering resolve in the face of unsettling realities.


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