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Unprecedented Firearm Sales Surge Under Biden Presidency Amidst Crime Concerns

Rising Crime Rates Drive Soaring Gun Purchases


During the presidency of Biden, firearm purchases have surged to unprecedented levels, reflecting the growing concerns of citizens about escalating violent crimes and potential terror threats. The tragic assault on Israel in October by Hamas, which led to the death of nearly 1,400 individuals, has only heightened these concerns.

Coupled with increased altercations involving unauthorized immigrants originating primarily from nations known for fostering terror activities, cities primarily controlled by Democrats have seen an escalation in perceived crime. Reports indicate that gun sales have skyrocketed beyond the 14 million mark, hitting a new peak in November, as outlined by Washington Examiner.

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According to data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the primary industry advocate which utilizes FBI background checks to predict gun sales, a staggering 1,595,476 firearms were sold in the preceding month.

They reported that Black Friday alone saw 214,913 guns sold, setting a new record on a day predominantly associated with Christmas shopping. As per their estimate, annual sales for the year stand at an astonishing 14,072,224. This surge contradicts assumptions of market saturation, as NSSF spokesperson Mark Oliva noted.

Furthermore, this also challenges the belief that Biden’s administration, along with Democratic leaders at the state and local level, could reduce sales by restricting popular firearm models. Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ attempt to control or ban sales of AR-15-style pistols only served to boost the sale of AR-15 rifles, which remain the most favored firearm in the nation.

Specialists in the Second Amendment and gun stores both share the belief that this robust trend is largely driven by average Americans taking charge of their personal safety and protection amidst prevailing uncertainties. The increased sales could be in direct response to FBI warnings on potential terror threats, along with media coverage on the rise in unplanned armed carjackings and muggings, particularly in major urban cities such as Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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According to The Examiner, private citizens are growing progressively reliant on firearms for self-defense. This pattern gained noticeable momentum after the October 7th attacks on Israel, which continued through Black Friday and Cyber Week, eventually leading to a consistent demand during the first week of December.

As per the Marketing Manager of North Carolina-based Hyatt Guns, Justin Anderson, while the surge in sales during COVID-19 has stabilized, business has been on a steady rise and they anticipate a successful end to the year.

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November’s figures stand as a strong testament to the thriving interest in legal firearm ownership, evidenced by the near 1.6 million background checks carried out for retail firearm sales. Observations from NSSF’s Oliva pointed out that the firearm industry generally sees a slight increase in background checks in the latter part of the year, correlating with hunting seasons and holiday retail campaigns.

Persistent levels of crime in multiple communities have yet to decrease substantially, maintaining the demand for firearms. A multitude of factors including the ongoing anti-gun policies by the Biden administration, the promise of more gun control in the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, and heightened public concern, all appear to contribute to this trend.

Oliva further emphasized that the massive investment by citizens into their Second Amendment rights is a clear indication that these rights are of paramount importance, and individuals are making sure to exercise their right to legally own firearms before their access can be further limited.

A self-proclaimed long-term Democratic voter publicized her dissatisfaction with her party after witnessing an armed carjacking, adding to the local crime rates. Denise Rucker Krepp, a neighborhood commissioner and lifelong resident of Washington, D.C., expressed her agitation, imploring the city to take serious action against prevalent crime.

In a conversation with Fox News, Krepp openly criticized her party associates who advanced a broad criminal law overhaul to deescalate penalties on crimes. According to the news outlet, Krepp firmly believes that such steps would only worsen the city’s situation.

She expressed her viewpoint that the impact is being felt by the entire population, calling attention to the concerning criminal activities in her district which include murder, armed carjacking, robberies, break-ins, stabbing incidents, and shootings. Krepp’s statements to Fox & Friends highlighted that the crime wave isn’t biased and affects people of varied political identification.


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