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Ron DeSantis: Protesters Blocking Roads, Extremists Harassing Others At Colleges Not Tolerated In Florida

University Chaos Meets Its Match in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - 2023/05/01: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls on a member of the media at a press conference at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville. DeSantis used the event to sign bills into law that increase penalties for offenses involving sexual battery on children and drug trafficking targeting children, and a third bill involving pretrial release and detention. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

In a recent public address, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, emphatically made it clear the kind of disruptive and harmful actions that have been making headlines recently won’t find a home in his state. ‘Think of the recent occurrences, where so-called ‘supporters’ of Hamas have been blocking traffic and commandeering bridges,’ DeSantis stated. ‘Let’s set the record straight: no one has the right to do that. Be it medical emergencies or parental duties, people’s lives can’t be put on hold because someone else decides their ideological inclinations supersede public order.’

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DeSantis detailed an incident where similar efforts to disrupt public order occurred in Miami. ‘They attempted to enforce their own rules in Miami, and the result? Within 10 minutes, these agitators were removed from the road where they rightfully belong. We will not stand by and let such actions disrupt the peace and order of our state,’ DeSantis asserted.

Moving beyond the disruptions caused on the public highways, DeSantis turned his attention to the higher education institutions. The Florida Governor expressed deep concern about reported instances of Jewish students and faculty being targeted on campuses across America. ‘To see Hamas being supported on campuses is hard to fathom. But the issue escalates when Jewish students are pursued, when a Jewish faculty member is barred from entering a building, or when individuals are singled out because of their faith.’

Governor DeSantis emphasized that such actions cross the line into harassment and violate acceptable behavior standards. ‘This is not a matter of free speech anymore. Straightforwardly, this is harassment, and it’s a breach of decorum and civility.’

DeSantis didn’t shy away from critiquing specific campuses that have featured in recent reports. He said, ‘At esteemed places of learning, like Columbia and Yale, these individuals seem to have the upper hand. They conduct themselves with a disturbing level of impunity, which is only possible because certain administrators and university presidents lack the fortitude to take a stand.’

The Governor resolutely denounced the passivity of such administrative bodies. ‘These leaders appear weak and intimidated, seemingly paralyzed in the face of these tribulations, which is inexcusable. They need to step up, take responsibility, and restore order and peace back on their campuses.’

In a sharp counterpoint to what he sees as the failures of some universities’ administrations, DeSantis contrasted their lack of action with the strong stance Florida’s educational institutions are prepared to take. ‘Let me assure you, in Florida’s universities, we have a completely different approach. Such behavior will be met with immediate repercussions.’

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Painting a picture of swift and decisive justice, DeSantis continued, ‘We will be issuing an uncompromising directive – you misbehave in this manner, we show you the exit. Commit such acts, and you’re out, as simple as that. It’s time we uphold the dignity of our educational institutions.’

The Florida Governor firmly believes in the power of consequences to act as a effective deterrent. ‘The problem today is the lack of consequences which only emboldens more such anti-social behavior. But set an example and others will think twice before indulging in such actions.’

In DeSantis’s Florida, the time for consequences, it seems, is now. ‘We’re ready to play hardball. The time for tacit acceptance is over. We’re bringing the hammer down. It’s time to restore order in our state, in our schools, and in the lives of our citizens.’

Governor DeSantis ended his fervent address with a powerful message. ‘Rest assured, the moment people start feeling the heat of repercussions, we won’t be having these chaotic scenes anymore.’

Through his commanding address, Governor DeSantis once again affirmed his unyielding commitment to maintaining peace, order, and the rule of law within the state of Florida.

DeSantis’s bold stance only further cements his continued dedication to upholding the basic rights and freedoms of his citizens, ensuring they can carry out their daily lives without disruption, while providing a safe, respectful environment at educational institutions.

Indeed, in a nation increasingly grappling with disruptive and potentially dangerous protests, Florida’s leadership provides a beacon of hope that order, decency, and respect for one’s fellow citizens can indeed be maintained in the midst of such chaos.

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