United Airlines: 50% Of New Pilot Trainees Will Be Women Of Color


In a shockingly progressive (regressive) move United airlines has decided that 50% of their new pilot trainees will be women and people of color. 

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Airways magazine reported that UA plans to train 5,000 new pilots and half would be Women and people of color. They claim that the goal is to create opportunity, but in reality they are robbing opportunity from qualified pilots.

They follow the same doctrine as the president of the United States: color and gender over qualification and competence. Identity over skill. 

But what does this actually accomplish other than parading a political showboat? Is this Black privilege?

How many white men, or white women will they turn away due to the fact that they are waiting for another woman or person of color?

Their goal is set to be accomplished by 2030. And was announced by their flight school. United Aviate academy. 


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