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Unflinching Tucker Carlson Embraces New Opportunities Post Fox News Exit

Amidst Legal Battles, Tucker Carlson Stands Firm in His Conservative Ideals


Fox News, known for its conservative alignment, has been going through a series of adjustments recently, including the surprising departure of veteran anchor, Tucker Carlson, last spring. As of yet, the exact reasons behind Carlson’s exit remain a mystery as the firm has not yet definitively explained the background.

Despite the abrupt switch, Carlson seems to have taken the change in his stride, moving forward with novel pursuits and remaining relatively quiet about his unexpected departure from Fox. The outspoken political commentator finally decided to share his views about his departure, asserting his honest ignorance surrounding the cause of his dismissal.

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Following his abrupt exit from Fox several months ago, Carlson maintained his silence, avoiding any direct references to his previous employer. His silence was broken, however, when he appeared on Russell Brand’s Stay Free podcast.

During an engaging conversation that covered an array of subjects, Brand approached the topic of Carlson’s prominent exit from the news empire. Displaying a pragmatic attitude typical of veterans in the volatile media industry, Carlson portrayed his understanding of its often fleeting job security and his tendency to consider the ‘long view’ in relation to career and life in the industry.

However, Carlson admitted, he did not foresee his termination, particularly not on that fateful April morning: ‘My termination was totally unexpected, catching me off guard. The shock didn’t linger long, though.

I wasn’t disappointed either, realizing that it is their company, not mine. As an employee, one has to acknowledge the employer’s right to hire and fire. The reasons for my termination remain unknown to me. Regardless of whether you believe me, I assure this doesn’t anger me. I wish only the best for Fox going forward.’

Fox’s silence about Carlson’s departure has fueled a swirl of speculation, with some attributing it to a series of leaked direct messages, allegedly from Carlson. These circulating messages purportedly contained offensive statements, insinuating racial prejudice.

During his discussion with Brand, the conservative commentator categorically denied any connection to these texts and dismissed the possibility that someone from his previous employer leaked them to the media.

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In the meantime, Fox News has filled Carlson’s former time slot by moving Jesse Watters up. Simultaneously, Carlson has embarked on a new venture, launching a television show on the social media titan, Twitter.

This move saw an impressive debut, drawing substantial viewership. His new project, however, has not been devoid of controversy. Fox alleges that it infringes on a non-compete clause in Carlson’s contract, which remains in effect as he continues to receive payments.

Amid these legal complexities, Carlson’s team has fired back, accusing the media conglomerate of deceit and propounding that the contractual agreement no longer holds water. In spite of the brewing legal friction, Carlson seems content with his new partnership with the platform owned by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Reiterating his new stance, Carlson said: ‘I’m not on Musk’s payroll. I have not received a single paycheck from him. I don’t intend to serve another employer ever again. Earning money is a valid want, but since my departure from Fox, I’ve not earned a dime, and I’m alright with it.

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Even if Musk were to offer me a job, I wouldn’t accept. What Musk has done is grant me, like every other Twitter user, the opportunity to express your opinions without the need for a mediator.’

Carlson further expressed his faith in the subscription-based model he’s currently a part of, subtly indicating his intended permanence on the Twitter platform. It seems, despite the ongoing legal tussle, he harbors no resentment towards his former employer.

This marks a new chapter in Carlson’s professional journey, a journey that he plans to continue by possibly launching a media company.

Only time will reveal how the renowned anchor, Carlson – who aspires to carve his own niche in the media industry – will navigate this new direction. Undoubtedly, many will be closely watching his progress and awaiting updates on the legal entanglement with his past employer, Fox.

Thus, Tucker Carlson advances into this new professional era, balancing his ambitions with his conservative ideals, in a bid to stay relevant and impactful in the ever-evolving space of media and communication.


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