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Unexpected Link Between JFK Assassination and UFO Sightings Unveiled

Declassified JFK Files Reveal Startling Correlation with ’55 UFO Encounter


In a startling twist, the recent revelations from U.S. governmental archives have uncovered an unusual connection tying the JFK assassination and UFO sightings.

This surprising link has surfaced as a result of President Joe Biden’s decision to declassify long-hidden files to shed more light on the perplexing murder of John F. Kennedy.

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This event, as we all know, has been extensively scrutinized for years, with information being dissected and analyzed into minute detail. Amongst the torrent of documents, one in particular carries the once-censored name of a CIA operative, Reuben Efron.

Efron was involved in monitoring the correspondence of Lee Harvey Oswald in the run-up to that fateful day, the 22nd of November 1963, where Kennedy was assassinated.

Strangely, Efron’s name appears in a separate document, originating from 15 October 1955. This record recounts an extraordinary encounter with what were described as ‘UFOs’, during a rail journey through the vast regions of the Soviet Union.

The official CIA record states the ‘sighting of unusual aircraft in the USSR’ was reported by ‘three reliable US observers.’ The communique received from the U.S. Air Force identifies these observers as Efron, Senator Richard Russell, and Lt. Col. E.U. Hathaway.

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It is noteworthy that Senator Russell went on to participate in the Warren Commission, an organisation established to investigate the JFK assassination.

The account of the incident in the ‘Trancaucasus Region’ describes ‘two unconventional, saucer-like aircrafts, taking off almost vertically at an interval of one minute.’

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The narrative continues with a description of the strange vehicles spinning and emitting ‘sparks or flame’, subsequently flying over the ‘observer’s train.’ These ‘flying discs’, as they’re referred to, accelerated at a notably sharp pace following their ascent.

The report doesn’t end here. Immediately after the sighting, the Soviet train staff apparently displayed signs of abrupt alarm, drew the blinds and disallowed any attempts to glimpse out of the windows.

The U.S. observers maintained with conviction that the abnormal aircraft were indeed disc-shaped UFOs.

The dossier covering the surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald’s letters has been disclosed before, but the inclusion of Reuben Efron’s name was obscured. The sudden unmasking of Efron’s involvement has stirred fresh discussions among JFK researchers.

“People would have you believe there’s nothing substantial to be found in these files?” Jefferson Morley, known for managing the JFK Facts blog, shared with The New York Times.

“Yet, here we have the man who was surveilling Oswald’s communications, a fact concealed until this moment. This isn’t a baseless conspiracy theory—it raises legitimate questions.”

As per The New York Times, Efron is said to have met his demise roughly three decades prior. Consequently, these revelations serve to throw new light on his life and career.

President Biden, on the 30th June, sanctioned the release of a memorandum outlining the following. In the thirty years since the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (44 U.S.C. 2107 note) (the ‘Act’) was presented, the U.S. Government has engaged in an exhaustive review of their archived records.

The purpose of this review was to make accessible to the public, the multitude of classified documents that would help achieve a more comprehensive comprehension of the horrifying assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Thus, unbeknownst sequences of past events are being unveiled, supplying us with additional pieces of the vast jigsaw puzzle that is the tragic assassination of JFK—and in an unexpected turn, introducing a link to an incident of outlandish UFO sightings.


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