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Tyreek Hill Asserts Miami Dolphins as ‘Better Team’ The Kansas City Chiefs Team he Played For

Wide Receiver Hill’s Unwavering Confidence in Miami Dolphins’ Championship Potential

Tyreek Hill, who’s played alongside many talented players during his career, regards his current side, Miami Dolphins, as superior to the rest. He finds himself surrounded by an exceptional blend of talent, an experience he’s enjoying immensely despite having a Super Bowl LIV success with Kansas City Chiefs in his past.

The wide receiver opened up about his feelings during an interview with CBS Sports, where his optimism for a successful season with the Dolphins stood out.

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When prompted about the Dolphins’ potential success in the season, Hill exuded confidence; believing his team possesses all the necessary ingredients to clinominate the championship.

He eloquently stated, “Of course man, we got the perfect team to do it.” Hill cited the leadership and preparatory approach of the head coach Mike McDaniel, along with the team’s commitment to excellence, as something unique that he has not previously seen.

Quoting Hill further, he emphasized the level of preparation the team undertakes under McDaniel’s leadership. “The way our head coach prepares us each and every week man, it’s next level. And he keeps each and every one of his guys in tune with the game plan and how we keep attention to detail each and every week”.

This unique approach to the teamwork ethics has made a lasting impression on him, setting the Dolphins apart from rest of the teams he’s played with.

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Hill pointed out that the camaraderie within the Dolphins’ squad is extraordinary, and the shared responsibility and mutual respect have created an environment he associates positively with. The emboldenment towards the goals of the team also adds to his optimism. He mentioned after winning a Super Bowl, “I feel like this is probably the better team than when we won a Super Bowl back when I was on K.C.”

According to the 29-year-old sportsman, the pivotal factor for success lies in how they perform during game days. Hill stated, “it can look good on paper, but we obviously gotta get it done on Sundays.” As of Week 13, the ‘Fins stand with an 8-3 record, ruling the AFC East, and holding the No. 4 seed in the playoffs. Their standing is behind the Jaguars, Chiefs, and leading Ravens.

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The current season is quite unpredictable as per the AFC battle projections, with the Bills standing at 6-6 and currently out of playoffs contention. Moreover, the unexpected loss of Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow to an injury has further stirred up the competition’s predictability. Battling through the postseason still remains a big challenge, with many strong contenders in the field.

Despite formidable teams like the Ravens, and Hill’s former team, the Chiefs, continuing to display strong performances, and potential dark horses like Steelers, Browns or Texans lurking in the shadows, Hill remains confident about Dolphins’ ability to compete. Hill feels that the only obstacle that can hinder the Dolphins’ success is their own self.

Hill was candid about the Dolphins’ need to focus on reducing turnovers, one aspect of their game that needs polish. He claimed that it’s the responsibility of the team leaders, including himself, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jaylen Waddle, to set the momentum. He was of the opinion that if the key players could refrain from turnovers and focus on converting third downs, they could ensure the well-being of the team’s defence.

The Dolphins, despite winning against the Jets, had suffered from three turnovers during the game. Their win against the Raiders also bore evidence of two fumbled possessions and a seized pass. Moreover, their last defeat against Kansas City witnessed yet another fumble – an aspect Hill vouched for refining.

The Dolphins’ struggle with turnovers is further indicated by their 11 interceptions, tying them with the league’s fifth-highest. Remarkably, Patrick Mahomes, Hill’s former teammate, managed to keep his interceptions to a minimum, ending the season with a mere five, along with 4,031 passing yards and 26 touchdowns during their Super Bowl winning 2019 season.

On the other hand, Tua Tagovailoa’s statistics for the current season include 3,177 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and sadly, 10 interceptions. Provided the current pace continues, Tagovailoa is projected by ESPN to finish with 4,910 passing yards, 34 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions, affirming the need for improvement as highlighted by Hill.

Reflecting on his 2019 performance, Hill had wrapped up the Super Bowl victorious season with 860 yards from 58 catches and seven receiving end touchdowns. As for the current season, ‘The Cheetah’, as he’s often called, already has 1,324 receiving yards from 88 catches and 10 touchdowns, forecasting impressive season-ending stats of 136 catches for 2,046 yards and 15 touchdowns, as per ESPN.

Hill, asked about his attendance of the 2023 Super Bowl to be broadcasted on CBS, confidently affirmed, “Yes I will be there.” However, it remains to be ascertained whether he will join as an onlooker or a participant. In any case, his commitment and confidence in his team remain unswerving, inspiring a strong sense of optimism and anticipation among the Miami Dolphins’ fans.


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