Twitter Loses BILLIONS from Banning Trump

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In After Hours Trading Twitter Stock lost $1.2 Billion in Value after Trump got banned.

Today Twitter Stock opened down over 10%, Resulting in another $4 Billion Lost.

This makes the lost value total over $5 Billion.

Since the new lows, Twitter stock has been climbing back up, but this is expected with the market.

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When Quarterly Reports come out Twitter Stock will most likely drop by 20-50%, resulting in workers getting laid off. (Probably the same employees who demanded Jack Ban Trump, I hope they have their Applications Ready)

To explain just how bad Twitter is as a Social Media, during Lockdowns EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA Experienced a HUGE uptick in new users ALL BUT TWITTER! HAHA!

If twitter cant grow in the optimal market conditions, how do they plan to survive after banning Trump (the only person keeping people on Twitter)

If you want to learn more about all of this, watch this video here!

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