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Tucker Carlson Sounds Alarm on Potential Haley-Trump VP Candidacy 

Trump-Haley 2024 Ticket: A Controversial Prospect


Reports suggest that the 45th President, Donald Trump, is contemplating on a potentially controversial choice for VP as the 2024 elections approach. Trump is speculated to be gauging the opinions of his close circle and allies about Nikki Haley’s prospects as a candidate for the vice presidency, as per insiders in conversation with CBS News.

Haley, who has previously held office as the governor of South Carolina and the United Nations ambassador under Trump’s administration, was the first to launch her GOP candidacy following a clear indication from Trump about his future political plans.

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With respect to the reactions from the MAGA constituencies on the potentiality of a Trump-Haley ticket, the voices are predominantly against such a combination, GOP sources suggest. Politico initially unearthed this development, saying that Trump’s supporters are striving to prevent the formation of a Trump-Haley alliance, as reported by CBS.

The network pointed out statements from Trump’s trusted advisers that highlighted Haley’s escalating popularity in the polls in Iowa, suggesting that she could either land in third or possibly even second place, trailing behind the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, or Trump himself.

Nonetheless, Trump, in a recent conversation with conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt, declared the reported ascendancy of Haley in the polls as false and brushed off any contemplation of her as a potential adversary. Interestingly, Tucker Carlson, ex-Fox News celebrity and Trump supporter, is audibly against Trump selecting Haley as a VP pick.

The reaction came forward during a pre-Christmas livestream by ‘Timcast’ host Tim Pool at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest, where Carlson was asked about his voting choice if Trump selected Haley as VP.

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To this query, not only did Carlson assert his refusal to vote for that duo, but he also emphasized that he would actively campaign against it. He expressed his deep reservations about Haley’s alignment with his own vision for the country, criticizing her endorsement of BLM protests and labeling her as a proponent of neoliberalism, which he perceives as harmful to American interests. Carlson also raised concerns about Haley’s reported lack of broad popular backing.

Earlier this month, rumors circulated about Trump entertaining the idea of Carlson himself as a possible running mate for the 2024 election. Reflecting on this speculation in a conversation with Megyn Kelly, the former host at Fox News, and SiriusXM, Carlson stated that such a scenario was hard for him to envision. He emphasized his disconnection from a life in politics, with the caveat that it wasn’t due to any undesirable past but the political landscape’s simple incongruity with his mindset.

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Carlson showed admiration for Trump, confessing his inclination towards the former President and describing him as charismatic and likeable, especially during their in-person meetings. Kelly agreed to this description of Trump as genuinely amusing and demonstrating incredible courage. Carlson also declared his agreement with Trump’s views, particularly with regards to reducing military conflicts and reinforcing national borders.

He vocalised his objection and worry about the perceived manipulation of the Department of Justice to influence an election, which he believes to currently entrain. All these factors, he disclosed, fuel his enthusiasm for supporting Trump. But despite the affinity for Trump and his policies, Carlson suggests that a political career isn’t quite his cup of tea.

He posed a hypothetical question to his audience, asking if a person like him should really consider running for a public position. Kelly responded to this rhetorical debate with an affirmative, excitedly predicting that it’s quite likely Carlson would conclude his life having held a high political post such as the President, or at the very least, the vice president.


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