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Tucker Carlson’s Budapest Speech: The World is Turning on the United States

Tucker Carlson Slams Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy in Speech


In a recent speech delivered in Budapest, Hungary, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the Biden administration’s foreign policy, expressing concern about the United States’ declining influence on the world stage.

According to Carlson, instead of focusing on important global matters, the administration has been targeting Hungary for its Christian values. He argued that the current US Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, has been pushing for policies that go against the traditions and beliefs of the Hungarian people.

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Carlson warned that if a country’s government forces unpopular ideologies onto its citizens, it won’t be successful in the long run.

Focusing on Hungary’s right to decide its own path, Carlson emphasized that the country should be left alone to ensure its safety and prosperity.

He argued that the Biden administration’s targeting of Hungary stems from a deep-seated dislike for Hungary’s Christian foundation, claiming that they despise the country simply because of its religious beliefs.

Carlson went on to draw parallels between Hungary and Russia, noting that both Christian nations are viewed unfavorably by American policymakers. He expressed his disdain for this mentality, claiming that it is offensive to witness such hostility toward Christianity in Europe.

Carlson criticized US politicians, asserting that they no longer prioritize improving the lives of American citizens.

He argued that instead of offering better opportunities or promoting human flourishing, politicians are aligning themselves with corporations that offer low wages and inadequate living conditions.

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According to Carlson, this leaves Democrat voters feeling trapped, as if they were prisoners in small cells, isolated from the world.

He questioned why there isn’t stronger opposition to this state of affairs, pointing out that the essence of life lies in meaningful relationships, both with fellow human beings and with God.

The talk show host then shifted his focus to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He cautioned against blindly accepting the mainstream narrative that Ukraine is winning the war and emphasized that Russia, being a much larger country, has a greater capacity for production and manpower.

Carlson suggested that the American people are being misled about the true state of affairs in Ukraine’s defense against Russia. In his speech, Carlson called for discernment in evaluating political ideologies and the personal lives of politicians, emphasizing the importance of judging them by their results.

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For a deeper understanding of Carlson’s arguments and insights, the full speech can be watched below. This story is evolving, and further updates will be provided accordingly.


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