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Tucker Carlson Rings Alarm Bell over Joe Biden’s Mental State

2024 Election Promises Unprecedented Strain, Warns Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson, a widely recognized name from his time at Fox News, is known for his prescience on a variety of issues. Recently, he shared a worrisome prediction about the upcoming election in 2024. This forecast has sparked a considerable amount of conversation, primarily due to the general mood he’s encountered in his social circles.

He mentioned the prevalent feelings of resentment and suspicion he has observed, specifically among people who aren’t driven by conspiracy theories but are rather expressing their anxieties about the current socio-political climate.

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In his words, ‘In my journey across the country today, I invested five hours contacting individuals via text messages, and universally, I found everyone (except my internet-averse wife) to be disconcerted and mistrustful.’

The people he mentioned, he insisted, are not those with radical perspectives. They are just ordinary folks with families and lives who harbor a deep-rooted interest in a prosperous America. They comprise the demographic whose voting decisions should be valued.

Carlson stated that based on his ‘assessment’ of these sentiments, he believes their apprehension and disgruntlement to be entirely warranted. He underscored the growing strain in the United States, which he anticipates might exacerbate as the fervor around election season grows in the forthcoming year.

He elaborated, ‘After processing their viewpoints over a span of five hours, I believe their paranoia and anger are justifiable. Their concerns are rooted in genuine reasons and supported by evidence. As I communicate this, you may realize that I’m merely reiterating your existing thoughts.

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The next year promises to be like none we have ever experienced, and, intuitively, everyone appears to register it. Our understanding is often guided more by instinct than rationality.’

‘Just like when a dog can sense something off in their surroundings, so too can people. Everyone remains on a heightened state of alert when they perceive that something bad is imminent. That same electricity is in the air right now,’ Carlson conveyed.

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Carlson then offered some ‘guidance’ for the upcoming months, underlining the importance of remaining current with political developments. He pointed to President Joe Biden’s mental capacity, which he believes is unstable, and emphasized the ongoing legal troubles faced by former President Donald Trump. High on Carlson’s radar were also the pressing societal issues of our times, such as the discourse on gender ideology.

‘Your instincts never deceive you; essentially, they look out for your best interests. They aren’t trying to persuade you into buying something or sway your vote,’ he stated. ‘If you feel deceived, you can be certain that feeling isn’t unfounded. When you sense that a significant historical event is on the horizon, heed that feeling. However, avoid panic; you can’t control history or profit from fear,’ Carlson cautioned, highlighting the comparable political turbulence occurring worldwide, specifically in Western nations.

‘In the presidential race, we have two contenders, one of whom is, in my view, senile,’ added Carlson, further implying that he believes Biden isn’t the one directing affairs at the White House. ‘Despite this, he is seeking reelection at the ripe age of 80.’

Turning his attention to the predicaments of Trump, Carlson remarked, ‘Every indictment and every added year to his possible sentence only serve to bolster his popularity – currently, he is in a winning position.’

‘The events of the past five or six years, as well as those occurring presently, can’t be comprehended by resorting to traditional political paradigms,’ Carlson affirmed.

Later on, Tucker Carlson offered a response to rumors suggesting that Trump was contemplating him as a potential vice-presidential candidate. Responding to the speculation, the media entrepreneur conveyed a certain ambivalence towards the political arena.

Addressing these whispers, he told Megyn Kelly, another former Fox News luminary, on her SiriusXM podcast, ‘The thought of navigating the political landscape alongside anyone seems overwhelming. I have reservations about my suitability for such a role. Can anyone envision someone like me holding political office?’


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