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Tucker Carlson Reveals Jan 6th Capitol Assault Was Staged with Federal Agents 

Ex-Fox News Host Reveals Potential Game-Changer in Capitol Riot Narrative


Last Friday, Tucker Carlson, the erstwhile Fox News broadcaster, presented an intriguing assertion: he said the attendees of the January 6th Capitol protest included multiple federal agents. This explosive claim was sourced from an unreleased conversation with Steven Sund, the Chief of Capitol Police at the time.

Carlson unveiled this captivating narrative during a lively interaction with Russell Brand, the comedian turned political pundit. Their discussion, hosted on Brand’s popular podcast, vividly cemented the thoughts Carlson had been holding back.

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Of note, Carlson had already ended his stint with Fox News before this enlightening conversation between him and Sund saw the light of day. Carlson talked about his initial feelings, vehemently denying any awareness of the alleged involvement of U.S. law enforcement or military agencies in the incident.

Displaying his characteristically candid approach, Carlson candidly shared, ‘The notion that U.S. enforcement agencies may have contributed to the situation simply didn’t dawn upon me. A conspiracy theory never occurred to me. I’m not the kind to believe in false flag operations. My temperament is not of that sort.’ His confession of initial disbelief struck a strong chord.

However, this dialogue with Steven Sund appeared to morph Carlson’s outlook drastically. Sund, who was at the helm of the Capitol Police on the fateful day of January 6th, surprised many by allegedly corroborating Carlson’s suspicion about federal agents infiltrating the crowd.

In review, Sund held the position of Chief of the United States Capitol Police from 2019 until his abrupt departure in January 2021, following the unexpected Capitol uproar. His service years leading up to this position saw him amass a thorough understanding of law enforcement, spanning a noteworthy quarter-century.

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Consequently, Sund was privy to an extensive understanding of the security layout and personnel on duty that day. This exclusive knowledge lends credibility to his allegations and if corroborated, they could shatter existing narratives and throw fresh light on the January 6th events.

The new insights garnered from the previously unaired Sund interview casts a potential new light on the incidents of that day. This comes as a stark contrast to the initial narrative, adding new complexities to the event that has been at the center of national discourse.

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The most striking note in all of this is that Sund’s professional background is notably devoid of political affiliations. His apolitical position offers a measure of neutrality, which increases the gravity of his confirmation of the possibility of federal agents being among the crowd.

Alluding to Sund’s objective vantage point, evident from his career that’s been characteristically detached from any political favoritism or factional loyalty, Carlson stresses the significance of the revelations, the assertions of Sund about the protest crowd.

In light of the ongoing national discourse, these unexpected assertions shine an entirely new perspective on the overall incident. The realization that federal bodies could have been part of the protest crowd poses pointed questions about the event that marked the start of the year.

Carlson, known previously more for his media career than his groundbreaking interviews, finds himself thrust in the middle of an unfolding narrative that could certainly rewrite perceptions about the January 6 riot.

He is scheduled to have a follow-up discussion with Sund to probe deeper into these potentially groundbreaking claims. It could indeed be an enlightening session as Sund might further elaborate on his controversial assertions that federal agents were part of the crowd.

While this development promises to shake up pre-existing narratives surrounding the event, it is imperative to approach these revelations with a fair sense of skepticism until all information is disclosed, verified, or debunked.

The imminent discussion promises to offer further clarifications, potentially aiding in the piecing together of an event that has continued to puzzle the nation. As Carlson prepares for round two with Sund, all eyes will be on the revelations to come.


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