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Tucker Carlson Responds to Trump 2024 VP Rumors

Trump’s Possible 2024 Sidekick? All Eyes on Tucker Carlson


The renowned media personality and former Fox News luminary, Tucker Carlson, has addressed speculations of a potential selection as the running mate for ex-President Donald Trump in the 2024 elections. These speculations were ignited following a report by Axios, stating that former First Lady Melania Trump was encouraging her husband to select Carlson.

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In an unexpected twist, it was noted that Melania sees Carlson, the ousted Fox News star, as an influential ally who can project her husband’s views powerfully on the campaign trail.

Sources well-acquainted with the former First Lady hinted that a Trump-Carlson ticket might give Melania the impetus to become more active on the campaign trail, compared to her previous circumspect appearances. However, the proposition isn’t without its sceptics.

A school of thought within Trump’s close circle dismisses this idea, stemming from their belief that Trump would never pick someone who could potentially overshadow him.

Moreover, another facet of suspicion arises from Trump’s aide’s assurance that the dynamic Carlson can’t be reined in. Their dynamic is an interesting one, with frequent conversations between the former president and the media personality.

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Trump, on the ‘Clay Travis and Buck Sexton’ show, mentioned his fondness for Carlson, stating that he sees in him a strong spirit of common sense which aligns with his own view.

Trump explained his admiration for Carlson, stating, ‘We aren’t conservative as some may label us. It is simply that we are driven by common sense. We desire secure borders and we advocate the construction of a wall because walls have proven effective.’

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However, it seems Carlson himself has some reservations about plunging into the political realm. While talking to SiriusXM and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, he expressed doubt about his fit for a political role. Carlson stated that his life trajectory till date hasn’t really prepared him for evolving into a political figure.

Exploring his own concerns, Carlson pondered, ‘I don’t think there are any disreputable skeletons in my closet. It is simply a lack of synchronization with my brain’s natural operations and the workings of politics. I can’t visualize myself sharing my time with politicians.’ Further, he admitted his avid support for Trump saying ‘Personally, I find it challenging to resist Trump’s charm when in the same room with him.’

Continuing on his opinion about Trump, Carlson added, ‘He’s quite the humorist and shows courage in his unique style which I deeply appreciate. I also find myself in significant alignment with his perspectives.’ He endorsed Trump’s standpoint on reduced warmongering and stringent border control, pointing out that these aren’t outrageous demands but simply expressions of common sense.

Nonetheless, the idea of Carlson serving in a political capacity generates a great deal of contemplation on his part. He questions his compatibility, asking, ‘Is the audience ready to see someone like me running for office?’ To that, Kelly enthusiastically retorted, ‘Yes!’ Concluding the conversation with a confident prediction, she asserted, ‘You won’t conclude your life without at least having served at the presidential or vice-presidential level.’

Interestingly, at an event held in November, Carlson shared a striking forecast about the 2024 elections. According to him, a showdown between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump seems highly unlikely. While referring to Biden as ‘senile,’ Carlson defended his choice of words, stating he wasn’t intending to be harsh, rather he was simply stating what he perceived to be the truth.

Expanding on his forecast, Carlson posited that despite dealing with close to or more than 90 legal issues arising from four separate indictments, Trump is gaining momentum as per the public polls. On the contrary, Biden seems to be losing ground.

Therefore, Carlson concludes with a firm theory given the current circumstances: ‘Remove the competitor from the equation, and they’re still losing.’ He closed his speculation affirmatively, saying, ‘So, the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump – it’s simply not going to happen. I would stake my cherished fishing camp in Maine on it.’


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