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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Interviews Aaron Rodgers Touching on Covid Vaccines

Does Aaron Rodgers Make Valid Points on Exposing the Promotion of the Covid Vaccine?

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, a well-known conservative commentator, released an extensive interview with NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This interview, surpassing two hours in duration, marks a new venture for Carlson into more in-depth, longform content within his programming.

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During their detailed conversation, Rodgers shared his views on the aggressive promotion of the coronavirus vaccine within the NFL. He expressed his concerns to Carlson, stating, “It’s all about the money. As you delve deeper, it becomes clear that the motivation extends beyond just the pharmaceutical industry to include governmental actions as well. The strategy is quite simple: follow the money. In the NFL, the push was unmistakable. They deployed representatives to every team with the aim of enforcing a vaccination rate that exceeded 90% for each team, offering no exemptions.”

This statement highlights Rodgers’ skepticism towards the financial incentives driving vaccine mandates in professional sports.

Watch the Interview below:


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