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Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon to Sue Former News Networks

Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon Enlist Hollywood Attorney for Lawsuits Against Former Employers


Fox News host Tucker Carlson and CNN anchor Don Lemon have both hired the services of high-powered Hollywood attorney Bryan Freedman after their departure from their respective networks on Monday.

Freedman has had a track record of aggressively pursuing lawsuits on behalf of clients fired by TV networks, ultimately securing multi-million dollar payouts. Given his impressive background and reputation, this move may signify that Carlson and Lemon could be preparing to sue their former employers over their dismissals.

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Bryan Freedman is a Hollywood heavyweight who has represented a string of A-list clients in the entertainment industry, including Vin Diesel, Mariah Carey, and Quentin Tarantino.

Following his graduation from Berkeley, California and attendance at the McGeorge School of Law, Freedman set up his own law firm, Freedman and Taitelman, LLP, in 1997 with a college friend, Michael Taitelman.

He quickly established himself as one of the top trial attorneys in Hollywood with a reputation as an expert in crisis litigation, which is heavy in corporate drama and late-night phone calls.

Freedman has been on the California ‘Super Lawyers’ list, a peer-based rating for the top 5% of attorneys in Southern California, every year since 2007. Additionally, the Hollywood Reporter has included him in the ‘Top 100 Power Lawyers’ list every year since 2008.

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He has a long history of securing multi-million dollar payouts for TV hosts fired from their jobs, including Chris Harrison and Gabrielle Union. Harrison received a $9 million payout from ABC’s “The Bachelor” after being fired as host, while Freedman negotiated an undisclosed settlement for Gabrielle Union following her accusations of racial discrimination by NBC after being fired as a judge of “America’s Got Talent.”

Freedman has also represented a variety of other high-profile clients, including Michael Jackson’s estate when it sued HBO over a 2019 documentary that aired child abuse allegations against the late singer.

He has recently taken on several influencers as clients and is described on his website as the ‘lawyer of choice in the gaming and influencer world.’ However, Freedman has faced some controversy, with details of a 1986 sexual assault lawsuit against him and two members of a college fraternity resurfacing in 2022.

At the time, Freedman and the others accused of the attack said the plaintiff had consented to everything that happened that night, and Freedman and the others named in the lawsuit paid $40,000 each in settlement to the accuser.

Despite any controversy surrounding him, Freedman’s hiring by Carlson and Lemon is a clear indication of the attorney’s reputation and the potential case that these high-profile individuals may be building against their former employers.

Freedman is the type of attorney who could secure mega-million payouts, which is undoubtedly on the mind of Carlson and Lemon at this time.

Bryan Freedman’s impressive career as an entertainment litigator began in the early 90s when he decided to become a litigator because, as he mentioned in an interview with McGeorge School of Law, he had always been arguing with people his entire life and wanted to protect others using those skills.

Freedman is well known for setting up his own law firm, Freedman and Taitelman, LLP, with a college friend, Michael Taitelman, and has since then become a top attorney in Hollywood. The combined expertise of Carlson, Lemon, and Freedman promises to secure a potentially life-changing payout for both individuals.

His ability to secure high payouts for TV personalities fired from their jobs is among the reasons that Carlson and Lemon have engaged his services.

Examples of his track record of success include Chris Harrison’s $9 million payout after being fired from his hosting position on ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Gabrielle Union’s undisclosed settlement after being fired from her job as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” Given Freedman’s reputation and experience, Carlson and Lemon may feel confident that they can secure a similar outcome in their respective cases.

Freedman is a lawyer who is comfortable confronting the top TV networks, as he has with his prior clients. His legal expertise has already secured large payouts for high-profile celebrities such as Vin Diesel and Mariah Carey.

Carlson and Lemon’s departure from their respective networks means that they could be entitled to a similar result and with Freedman’s help, they may be gearing up to sue Fox News and CNN.

Whether Carlson and Lemon choose to sue their former employers or not, Freedman’s impressive background and reputation as a Hollywood heavyweight with a history of winning multi-million dollar payouts could still help them reach a settlement agreeable to both parties.

Other famous cases Freedman has been a part of include the lawsuit between Michael Jackson’s estate and HBO over the 2019 Leaving Neverland documentary, which alleged the late singer had abused children.

Freedman’s involvement in this case ultimately showed his expertise in litigating high stakes and emotional issues.

If Carlson and Lemon hope to follow in the footsteps of the many high-profile clients in Freedman’s repertoire, his hiring seems to indicate that they are well on their way. Battling against TV networks clearly requires top-notch legal representation, and there are few better people for the job than Bryan Freedman.

Based on past cases, it’s possible that Freedman will aggressively pursue litigation in the media industry on behalf of his clients, Carlson and Lemon.

With vast experience on their side, Carlson and Lemon can rely on Freedman to navigate such a lawsuit and achieve the best possible outcome. This is just one of the reasons why he may be referred to as the ‘lawyer of choice in the gaming and influencer world.’

Despite the controversy surrounding Bryan Freedman, there is no doubt that he is an incredibly successful and sought-after attorney in Hollywood.

He has shown that he is capable of defending high-profile celebrities in some of the biggest and most emotionally charged cases of our time. Freedman’s hiring by Carlson and Lemon is a testament to his legal prowess and to the potentially high-stakes nature of the case at hand.

Part of Freedman’s expertise is an ability to navigate the complex world of media and corporate drama that often arises in high-stakes court cases. Freedman has shown his ability to handle similarly high-profile and emotional issues, which is why he can be trusted to assist Carlson and Lemon in their case.


Overall, it is clear that Bryan Freedman is an incredibly capable and highly esteemed attorney with a history of aggressively pursuing litigation on behalf of his clients and securing multi-million dollar payouts.

Carlson and Lemon’s choice to hire Freedman as their lawyer speaks volumes about his reputation and expertise. The fact that they may be preparing to sue their former employers only reinforces the notion that Freedman’s involvement in their case is a sign of the high stakes involved.

With decades of experience handling the biggest and most intense cases in Hollywood, Bryan Freedman is undoubtedly a heavyweight in the legal world. Carlson and Lemon’s decision to engage his services demonstrates the respect he commands in the industry and the potential impact he could have on their future.

Whether they are successful in their pursuit of legal action against their respective previous employers or not, Freedman’s involvement ensures that they will receive the best possible representation in their case.

Undoubtedly, Bryan Freedman’s long history of successfully litigating for high-profile clients in the entertainment industry, as well as his impressive reputation as a Hollywood heavyweight, will be a valuable asset to both Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon in their potential lawsuits against their former employers.

As Carlson and Lemon prepare for what could be a highly dramatic and financially significant legal battle, they can rest easy that they have one of the best in the business on their side.


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